An April a Day…

posted by on 3rd May 2015, at 2:56am | Discuss Article

Hello again everyone, and welcome to another episode of Rsbandb Upd-I mean, Rsbandb Informer! It is time once again to inform you of all of the great comings and goings on of the month.

As noted in Shane’s Goodbye, It was with profound sadness that Shane left the site. It is therefore with great sorrow- I mean with great happiness, that he decided to come back to us, revealing that it was all a funny April Fools’ Day joke that I’m sure no one saw through. Fear not, our Dear Leader is here to stay with us for a long time to come!

In Informer news, we had lots of interesting articles this past month that I am happy to share with you all. Alex kicked the month off with a Complimentary Call to Arms, an appeal to hear the silent majority with regards to player poll decisions. Next, our newest addition to our edition, Colton, gave us a thrilling tale in a series of Stories Yet Untold: Vampyres! This in-depth look at the Myreque quest-line is sure to thrill many. I’m sure Mr Bistro would enjoy Colton’s article very much as he discussed he love of quests in the aptly named Why I Got Into Quests.

Following that, Mason gave us a first rate rhyming title with The Great Update Rate Debate. I must congratulate Mason for being able to demonstrate a first rate rhyming gait that is sure to elate! In his article, Mason posed a very difficult question: when it comes to updates, do we want more less often or less more often? Speaking of more less often, Tanis discussed the latest updates to player owned house in the Age of Aquariums.

In Gaming news, Duke Juker pondered the positives and shortcomings of Twitch: TV for Gamers. It is interesting to note the interactivity and communication available to streamers. How much do you use Twitch and will it become an even bigger phenomenon than it is right now?

Finally in regards to Informer at least, our newly reinstated site owner Shane discussed the precarious position of one of the technology industry’s biggest companies, Google, and how easily one can slip from the edge of a knife when it comes to consumer trust. He reminds us of one very important commandment: Don’t be Evil!

At this moment in time, I’d like to direct your attention to the Rsbandb Youtube channel, which hosts a series of videos by Paul, aka Silverwiz9. In them he discusses neat little tricks that can be found in the wide world of Runescape. They’re pretty cool, and everyone can learn something new, I know I sure did!

In the world of Skill of the Month, we had a thrilling two horse race between Tim and Arceus. In the end Tim maintained his lead of 16m xp, beating out Arceus’ 12.9m xp. Congratulations on yet another win in SkotM, Tim, here is your trophy!

That’s all for this month, everyone, have a great month, and remember, an April a day keeps the doctor away!

King Kulla