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This month we saw some amazing Skilling related content. Divination was updated, and we have had the extended version of Double Experience “Weekend”. RSBANDB also held a pretty popular Divination SKOTM. These are wonderful reasons to explore how to maximize our skilling efforts and get the best experience possible, literally. One of the most exciting things about Runescape, for myself, is skilling. I’m not going to give you a “How-To” for every skill here, but I want share ways to get the best bonuses possible when training!

The first step to maximizing your experience is to consider your location. The environment you are training in plays a huge role in your gains. For example, in the Clan Citadel, you get more resources just for having multiple players training at the same time, which means bigger experience drops! At Lumbridge bank chest, familiars won’t show for other players, which means less lag. In Prifddinas, every hour, at least 2 skills see some form of experience bonus for specific training methods. At seasonal events, like the recent Spring Festival, pay close attention because just skilling in the holiday location can give you an experience boost with no additional effort! If you Refer-A-Friend to Runescape and they become a member, you will be given a scroll for an experience boost that lasts a week. You also gain bonus experience when they train with you. Portable skilling stations will also increase experience and save you resources.

Now that we chose our location, let’s look at buffs. Buffs are temporary, passive, experience boosts that require players to complete an action for a period of extra rewards. The first buff to keep active, is the Clan Citadel Weekly Buff. Join a clan if you haven’t, then go collect 75% of the allotted resources. Every week, you can activate a buff from 3-6% just for helping your clan. This experience will always be available as long as you continue to work the citadel.¬†Once you have the citadel taken care of, go check out the monolith in the Archaeology base camp. You can select some buffs that you have discovered while training to give an additional 2% experience boost to a subset of skills. You can swap the boosts at any time. Next, it’s time to choose an aura! Auras can lead to buffs that boost experience gains, or boost accuracy when skilling, which means more successful attempts, resulting in more experience drops. They last a certain period of time and can be reset for use again If you are a Premier Club Member, you will have an artifact that provides additional boosts. You can augment many tools for added buffs through perks that can provide a wide range of benefits. Check the Dungeoneering Rewards Shop for permanent unlocks for skilling, too! If used at the same time, these buffs could mean experience boosts of 15-20% cutting down the time to reach that 99 or 120 by a fair amount!

It’s time to open the bank and get set up. You will want to save a preset for future skilling, or to make bank skilling even faster and easier as you only have to click a few buttons to swap inventories when training. Let’s get dressed! Find out if the skill you are training has an outfit, and wear a complete set to boost your gains by 5 to 6%. Some people opt for silver hawk boots, and brawling gloves. If you have a max cape, or the skill cape for the skill you are training, make sure to equip it for relevant training boosts. Scrimshaws, a Brooch of the Gods (also stores your skilling urns for you), Pulse Cores, Cinder Cores, spirit gems, catalysts, and other pocket slot items, can increase your gains, or save resources. Jewelry like the GOTE (grace of the elves),will also provide you bonuses while skilling. Porters allow you to stay in one spot, away from the bank, for even longer. Skilling spells and prayers will boost experience rates, so make sure to equip a staff and load up on runes and potions. You will want to select a familiar and any scrolls you need. Remember your accumulators, crystal chins, proteans and their powerups, and skill dummies for a variety of ways to train.

I hope after reading this article, you are motivated to maximize your skilling potential, inspired to try some cool new items, and mostly, that you enjoy skilling with your friends and have fun!

But It’s Not How *I* Wanted!

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“Runescape was once something really unique and was a great game. It was never supposed to have action bars.” – Cyanerdx While the above quote may not fully pertain to this article, I felt I should add it because it is true nonetheless – Runescape was never designed to have an ability/action bar system. This […]