Break out those cellphones and tablets because Runescape is officially coming to the Mobile Store this month! I’ve had access to the Beta since almost the beginning, and I am SO excited that everyone will be able to use it soon! It’s a huge game changer for completing dailies, socializing, and staying motivated to keep playing.

I’ve been active on this game since late 2008, and now that I am a parent, work 50 hours a week, and have other obligations in my life, I have less time for my biggest passion: RuneScape. There are times the dailies have felt a little daunting. But this is where RS Mobile is actually going to be the best thing for busy Runescape players who are similar to me! I set a goal for myself to play 2/3 days a month total.

If you have spent much time in Runescape, you have probably heard about “dailies”. To some players, this means logging in each day, and completing daily tasks such as collecting Achievement Diary rewards, or finishing daily challenges. For others, they may be referring to minigame style events that you can only complete a specific number of times each day, like Guthix Caches, or killing Bork for a wealth of charms. Dailies are a wonderful way to collect supplies or earn experience rewards with the long term goals in mind, and to help motivate you to log in, well, daily! Sometimes players can even feel like they have so many “dailies” to do, they don’t even have time to actually play!

Balancing your goals is a key principle for managing those “Daily Pressures.” There are lots of tools that can help, too! I used to feel really stressed if I somehow didn’t manage to log in and missed what felt like a really awesome reward. Here are some examples while moving forward with the release of Runescape Mobile, on how to help yourself get the most out of your goals as you work through your ‘dailies’. ‚ÄčI can cut trees while walking on the treadmill at the gym. I have logged in on Mobile on days when I am too busy to sit at my computer, but am instead the passenger on my commute. I prefer to do easier activities, including visiting the motherlode maw, citadel capping, and afkable achievements when logged in on my phone. During past DXP weekends, I was able to set a timer on my phone, and take my meal break at work based on my tree runs. (Some jobs this works better for than others.)

Dailies have gotten easier. I set my discord channels to alert to important announcements, like traveling merchant sightings, or if the archaeology pylons are active. I can quickly log in, complete something fast while out on errands, or motivated to play because I was alerted to an activity I enjoy. I’ve attended more clan events because even if I’m not home, I am able to log in. As a clan leader, I can quickly address issues or get people added and correctly rewarded with their rank ups. (I no longer do penguins or go to the Achievement Loot rewards since I have found more efficient ways to gain experience and cash doing things I enjoy more.)

I’ve said a lot of great things about the new release coming, but I wouldn’t be doing a fair bit of justice if I didn’t briefly mention the parts I don’t like, either. A smaller screen makes quests, combat, and chatting with friends somewhat tedious. Sometimes there are extra taps needed to access the interface you may want to use, and it’s not always the most intuitive. Lastly, sometimes the click or tap areas overlap, causing “miss-clicks” or interruptions. As long as I stick to more afkable skills, it’s still a wonderful experience. I also prefer to do all of my conversing in the lobby rather than the actual game once logged in.

I will be on vacation this month, with a total of 6 airport layovers and 9 hours of road tripping where I am the passenger. I see myself logging in and doing some skilling on the road, in the airports, or while flying if the WiFi is working. Runescape Mobile is going to make those short windows of waiting in my life more productive and help me stay on top of those daily tasks.

I can’t wait to see people all over the place playing Runescape on their phone. What sort of dailies will you complete this month and will RS Mobile help you keep up with your dailies?

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