Clutter Control ~Part 1~

posted by on 22nd June 2009, at 6:02pm | 2 Comments

Ever had the trouble of finding an item in your bank? Sure, just use the search tool and there you go. Of course, how about if you want to go slaying with all your combat gear, or perhaps going out to do a farming run?  Searching may be good for finding one or two items per bank term, but not a whole set of items. For example, an herb farming set requires approximately eleven different items. Unless you were extremely fast, it would take you two or three minutes to get everything prepared. Two minutes too much! Well, I have asked several of my friends about their banks and not too few said their bank was a complete tangle. As well as a few who said every single item is relevant. So, today, for the price of two hundred gold coins, I will teach you some tips on how to get rid of useless items. Organizing comes after, of course, so there is less to organize.

Okay, before we start, I need to remind you about an extremely important element in cleaning your bank. Time. Time is the biggest thing about bank cleaning. In order to prevent frustration and impatience, try cleaning your bank a few minutes each day. So perhaps use 10 minutes each day to clean up the clutter instead of a three-hour block of staring at your computer with a headache.

Now, first off is just a simple, basic task. Go through each line of your bank carefully and slowly and find anything that has no use whatsoever. This includes shears, rocks, crushed gems, swamp tar, weeds, broken axes, and so forth. All these things listed are useless and unnecessary in most cases.

That didn’t take that long now did it? Now it is time for the hard part. Now go through each and every item carefully and slowly again, except this time I want you to go through these questions over in your mind:

  1. What is this used for?
  2. Did I use/obtain this in a past quest?
  3. Approximately, how long ago did I use this for and for what?
  4. Do I use this often?
  5. If I don’t use this often, will I need it in the future, for such as a quest?
  6. If it might be used for a quest later on, can I easily access it again?

Keep this item if you answered them to these:

  1. Yes, but it still has a common use/No
  2. A few days ago – A couple weeks ago for a common event
  3. Yes
  4. Non Applicable
  5. Non Applicable

Get rid of these worthless slices of junk if you answered them similarly like this:

  1. Hmm, I don’t know/
  2. Yes, and there is no use of it at this current time.
  3. A few months ago or more for a quest or an unpopular minigame
  4. Not really/No
  5. I might, but the series of the quest is likely on hold.
  6. Yes/No, but Jagex will probably make an easier way to get it.

So, I’m guessing some of your clutter is gone. If not, then you totally rich and have a bank full of expensive trinkets and gadgets.
Hey, wait right there, buster! You see those unfinished potions you’re about to drop? Or perhaps those chaos runes you’re noting (inside joke) for the Grand Exchange? Here’s a great chance to get some extra experience and maybe even some gold from cleaning it out. If you have some higher-level herbs or seeds, you can either sell them for that extra gold or put them to good use by raising your level. There’s no point in wasting a perfectly coded item without using or selling it.

Okay, so once you’ve accomplished removing useless and useful items (runes, arrows, etc.), you have the next thing to accomplish: organizing and keeping it that way. But I think this is the part where I close. Next time, I will bring up on how to organize your bank and keep it that way. Perhaps even a video in between the two.