Alex’s Analysis – Apocalypse Now

posted by on 13th June 2015, at 10:17pm | Discuss Article

As much as I’d like to count the Marimbo vs. Brassica Prime as a World Event, it really wasn’t. It was more a Lumbridge gathering, if anything, of vertebrates and vegetables. Yeah, they invited people far and wide to get together for a bit of fun, but it wasn’t anything on the scale as the last two battles against Gods themselves.

That being said, the third (OK, fourth) World Event is now upon us, where the very planet itself is in danger of a threat that even petrified Guthix in fear at one point.

The event itself is simple. You alone, or with a small group of others, have to navigate a series of small islands to get to Tuska’s head to do some damage. While on these islands, you syphon their Anima Mundi doing relatively simple, menial tasks. Nothing AFK-able; you’ve got to keep focused for the full five minutes you have on each island, because getting the full amount can lead to some very close calls on some islands.

Having a group is beneficial, but only very slightly. The tasks are meant for a single person to solve, but there are minor additions that allow groups to help benefit themselves. For example, one island that’s tedious to navigate allows you to teleport to a random player every 30 seconds wherever they are, while another lets all players standing nearby one player’s massive lightning charge get the benefits. I think it’s a very fine requirements balance and approve of what they’ve done with it. This way, players are not pressured into finding a group in the limited time they have to complete the event.

The most interesting thing about this event is that though the different factions are competition once again with each other (with the addition of the Godless finally joining the ranks), we’re all against Tuska herself on this one. There are days where she wins and gets a point for her side. What will happen if we cannot beat her enough before the month’s end? Who knows? The pressure’s on not just to help your faction, but to make sure you put in your time to help save the entire world of Gielinor!

So what’s the analysis? While it’s epic as it is, I feel like it’s missing a lot of substance, in that there is still so much that could’ve been done. Actually, there’s still so much that “COULD” be done. The event’s only just started, after all, and it’s apparent that efforts are being made to make each passing day just a little bit different. It’s starting with tweaks and fixes, but I reckon it’ll soon evolve into more and more ways to get credits the closer we get to the end. It is a four-week event, after all.

I’ll enjoy this event like all the others, and am looking forward to the epic conclusion, but I know you guys want to hear some complaints as well. Seems to be the big thing online. So here goes:

First, the Airut. Or lack thereof. Seriously, where the heck are they? There is lore about how armies of them came through the portal on Tuska. You’d think half the battle would be us fighting back hordes of bull-like monsters trying to keep us literally off Tuska’s back? However, I fear that this isn’t simply an oversight on the designer’s part. Instead, I fear that we’re not seeing the Airut for a different reason altogether. Maybe they’re gathering their forces up. Clearly by now they know that their deity is under fire. Better keep our wits about us.

Second, the lack of ceremony. From the last few events, I’m used to having an intro movie playing where it shows just what’s going on and readies you for the event with one simple visual. In this event, you log into the game and suddenly have a new teleport hidden in your spell-book that brings you right there. That’s it. No premonition, nobody freaking out, not even an exciting cutscene to start things going. This is a World Eater, for goodness sakes! Again, the event’s just started, and most of the people on the planet are still unaware of what’s coming because Tuska’s still so far away. Maybe as she approaches, things start to get cast in a very eerie shadow.

Third, the list of rewards seem a little on the meagre side. But just a little. Many of the rewards from the other two World Events have reappeared, and we also get to buy new Tuska stuff, including a teleport animation, fighting ability, and war-priest armor. Again, I’m probably just used to the other world events having a couple different sets of stuff, but I reckon at least the Godless should have their own war-priest garb and emotes to go with the kit. This being their first world event and all.

Yeah, that’s it. The event’s got me excited and I’ve already nearly cleaned out the rewards store, so I really can’t say anything bad about it. My only real expectation is an insanely epic end-of-event movie and an enormous array of differences and additional dialogues throughout Runescape. Substance is very important when creating content, after all.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!