The Ways of the Staker

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Just a few short weeks ago a brilliant activity was re-released back into Runescape. Free trade and the old style wilderness coming back into the game are both great, but staking is what really took to the people like a bonfire to a dry forest. When it came back, approximately five worlds had hundreds of people at the dual arena creating so much lag that it was hard to even fight sometimes.

Staking is for everyone really. As long as you have money/items to stake you can learn a style of staking in just a couple duals. It may take practice depending on the rules set, but doesn’t everything require a bit of practice?

Fist and Mage Boxing
The most basic forms of duals. These are how the rules are set up
Fist Boxing
Mage Boxing
With special attacks being off, these rules are impossible to cheat on. In fist boxing you have your fists up and punching. Nothing is boosting either player, so as long as you get first hit or hit at the same time as the other it is a fair fight to the death. Same goes for mage boxing. Everyone uses Ancient Magik’s because of blood barrage’s ability to heal (and sometimes smoke barrage to poison on first hit). Ice spell runes are not required in no movement mage boxing, because both players cannot move and the “No Movement” rule turns off any spell that binds a player to a spot. The rules also allowing no stat boosting gear/prayer/potions also make these duals very lengthy. Fist Boxing especially can last sometimes 5 minutes if both players are maxed.

Rapier/whip/staff Duelling
These are faster versions of the magic/fist boxing. The rules are as follows:
Rapier Dueling
Chaotic Staff Dueling
Again, special attack is off. These rules have a small chance of cheating. Players that are using whip or staff of light should be careful to keep away from players with 80 Dungeoneering. Rapier and chaotic staff are a great advantage and can tear up their lesser counterparts. Having the weapon slot open gives the players higher hits and higher damage per second so duals will last only ~1 minute.

Dds duelling
DDS Dueling
These rules are probably the most cheated upon of the three. With special attack turned on, and melee being the only style, the staff of light special attack is the best way to counter the dragon dagger. The player with the special activated will be under an ability that decreases melee damage like the melee protection prayer. Staff of light is also a very nice melee weapon so it will be a one sided fight.

With these in mind you can create any set of rules to have a great battle. Put armour on if you believe you have the best of the best or even turn the shield spot on to dual against amazing 2-handed weapons or attack bonus-devouring shields. Either way practice with your rules and hone them into perfection so you have the advantage. Try to keep them simple enough so there are a group of players that will stake you. Keep in mind, the closer you are to the three rule sets I mentioned, the more people will stake against you.

While practicing, it is wise to do it with friends selecting the “friendly duel” option. Otherwise a lot of money may be lost.

To keep from losing money, it maybe wise to keep a look out for the next article in the series. It may just be your new way of making the fastest cash in Runescape apart from having very rich generous friends.