New Staff, Who Dis?

posted by on 9th August 2021, at 3:14pm | Discuss Article

The first boss from Elder God Wars Dungeon came out and RuneScape got its first tier 95 weapon. The Fractured Staff of Armadyl is a magic two-hand staff that is dropped in 3 parts from hard mode Kerapac.

The staff was completely broken the first couple days after release and that was because of the special attack from it. The special attack causes an auto-attack to fire whenever the player lands a critical hit against any of their targets. The auto-attacks fired from the staff all land on the player’s primary target.

It was possible to kill solo P4 of Solak without realming, do a solo reaver skip in Nex: Angel of Death and also kill Vindicta from one onslaught at 150k HP. This was due to the special attack, tsunami, and onslaught all working together to give unlimited hits which critical and unlimited adrenaline which kept onslaught going. It was hotfixed to stop extra spell casts firing off from non-ability based critical hits and they change onslaught to no longer crit on every single hit. Mod Ramen has said he expects the staff to keep getting adjusted as they see fit until it is in a good spot.

The staff is not the only impactful drop from Kerapac, he also drops the Scripture of Jas, Greater Concentrated Blast ability codex, and Kerapac’s wrist wraps.

After the staff the second most impactful drop is the Scripture of Jas. It is only above Greater Concentrated blast because you can use it with any style. The passive has a 5% chance to activate per hit, and it has a 15 second cooldown once activated before it can activate again. When it activates it creates a time rift, and for 10 seconds all damage from the player’s abilities while the time rift is active gets stored. Once the rift closes, 20% of the total damage is applied to the player’s opponent in a single hit.

This book is better than all the other god books and is comparable to regular scrimshaws. A superior scrimshaw is slightly better but that requires a lot of Player Owned Ports. The Scripture is second best in slot of melee because the Scrimshaw of Vampyrism does not deal extra damage. I have seen a lot of people using the Scripture at places like Nex: Angel of Death, Kerapac and raids when they do not want to use a grimoire. The book also has the best stats while not using the special, as it gives +8 to all styles and +5 to prayer. Erethdor’s Grimoire only gives +7 to combat styles and +4 to prayer. This means when not using the special it is worth using the scripture of Jas.

The Greater Concentrated Blast ability codex is huge for Magic, is it as good as greater ricochet? No, but it is still very good. What it does is a channeled attack that each beam increases your next attack’s chance to force a critical hit by 5% per strike, up to a maximum of 15%. The ability actually works on itself too which means the second hit of the ability has a 5% more chance to critical and the the third hit would have a 10% more of a chance. Greater Concentrated Blast works very well with the new spells from City of Senntisten quest. Giving more critical chance to go with Smoke Cloud and gives more hits to go with Exsanguinate.

The last broadcast drop from Kerapac is Kerapac’s wrist wraps. These wraps while worn, for six seconds after using the Dragon Breath ability, the Combust ability will deal 25% more damage in the same tick. These wrist bands can be used as a switch for dragon breath and combust but I think most people are only using them at bosses immune to poison damage because cinderbanes are still best in slot.

The common drops are items that are very useful for PVMers and fixed some prices for things that shot up in price over the last year. The first common drop that hydrix bolt tips which the price of those were getting out of hand. Hydrix bolts were over 55k per but have since dropped to under 35k because of how common the drop of hydrix bolts are at kerapec. The next big common drop is Soul Runes. Soul Runes were being used all the time with the new spells so they went up in price and are now coming back down in price.

The staff and the other upgrades puts magic on par with ranged and melee but without the staff it is still the worse style.