Seers Village Achievement Diary

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They released another achievement diary, and I haven’t even finished the Fremmenik one!

This is a far step from when they first released the Karamja Achievement Diary in May of 2007. As you probably know, they recently released the Falador and Fremmenik Province diaries on December 9th of last year. And this Monday they released the Seers Village one, just barely a month apart(I hope Jagex can get this kind of speed on more updates).

Now you’re probably wondering how to get those tasks ticked off on your list. For starters a pen might be useful, but talking to any Seer, Stankers by the coal trucks or Sir Kay in Camelot Castle might help too.

After they’ve given you a pen you’ll be able to do a variety of tasks from picking flax to lighting magic logs.


All of these tasks are of course that, easy. Though some of them do require a little experience.

Total tasks: 12
Highest Skill requirement: 21 Cooking (Use the churn in the Sinclair Mansion garden)
Total Quest requirement: 1
Hardest Quest requirement: Murder Mystery (Fill five pots with flour from Sinclair Mansion)
Easiest Task: Pray at the Seers’ Village altar
Hardest Task: Walk clockwise around the big mysterious statue
Most Expensive Task: Give five locals a glass of cider in the Forester’s Arms

Before I go into the rewards (just hold your little horses, sit down and listen) I’d like to point out that the reason ‘Walk clockwise around the big mysterious statue’ is considered the hardest task is because you must walk(meaning turn your run speed to walk) around the statue without stopping.

Ok, now onto the rewards which everyone seems to covet…

If you’ve finished all these tasks (which I don’t see how you couldn’t) then head on over to any Seer (the Men in White) and talk to them about the diary. He’ll hand you a…’nice’ looking headband with a large eye on it.

He’ll also give you a lamp (which just so happens to be more useful making you brighter, than brightening the surroundings). When worn, this nice little headband will give you a ‘Chance of producing more arrows than normal when fletching’, according to Jagex. When I did this diary on the first day the Seer I spoke too didn’t say anything about getting extra arrows while fletching.

Somebody new has moved to Seers, who, with the help of your headband, will give you 30 flax a day. His name is Geoffrey(though he likes to be called ‘Flax’) and he walks around in the flax field.

The lamp will give you 1,000 experience in the skill of your choice, so long as it’s level 30 or higher.


From extracting coal to burninating mystic logs, this part of the diary has its ups and downs. Nothing that’ll get you killed (that is, if you have protect from Ranged) and it won’t break your pocketbook either (that is, if you bank your Party Hat before going somewhere without protect from ranged on).

Total tasks: 12
Highest Skill requirement: 48 Agility (Use the Sinclair Mansion to Fremennik Agility shortcut)
Total Quest requirement: 4
Hardest Quest requirement: One Small Favour (Find the highest point in Seer’s Village)
Easiest Task: Teleport to Camelot
Hardest Task: Kill one guard on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a longbow
Most Expensive Task: Have the Ranging Guild competition judge congratulate you for acquiring over 1,000 archery tickets

Sorry, you have to hold your horses again, more info.

Becareful when you go up to the top of the center tower in the Ranging Guild. There are three archers on each of the towers and they’ll be more than happy to turn you into a pin cushion if you step out on the balcony. You must use a normal longbow, magic, yew, or other types of longbows do not work even though the diary only says ‘using a longbow’. It’s advised to use protect from ranged on the level 69 archers as they wear green D hide and use adamant arrows. Do not underestimate them, they can regularly hit 11s. If you wield any type of shortbow and use the longrange attack style then you can soften the archers up. You only have to get the killing blow with the longbow.

Ok, now for the reward.

The next person to reward you will be little mister Stankers at the coal trucks (little in height, do not under estimate a dwarf, especially around ale).

He’ll ‘upgrade’ your Seers Headband and make it a Seers Headband 2. Along with this ‘upgrade’ not only comes no change in appearance(Thankfully, I’d hate to wear that concoction) but also 30 more flax per day from Geoffrey, 10% more experience when cutting maples, and one or two extra logs when cutting normal trees in Seers Village.

Oh yea, did I mention he gives you another illuminating object? This one gives 5,000 experience to any skill of your choice (that is, if your choice is level 30 or above).

I’m not sure if the bonus XP on maples works only in Seers Village or elsewhere also.


Unfortunately, these are not as hard as most people would think and hope.

Total tasks: 11
Highest Skill requirement: 80 Cooking (Cook five sharks in Catherby using the Cooking Gauntlets)
Total Quest requirement: 3
Hardest Quest requirement: King’s ransom (Enter the Seers’ Village courthouse with your Piety prayer turned on)
Easiest Task: Teleport to the Ranging Guild
Hardest Task: Charge five water orbs in one go
Most Expensive Task: Burn a magic log in Seers’ Village

Oh, so you want more rewards? You’re going to make these poor Seers…well, poor!

Once you’ve finished all of the hard tasks head on over to Camelot Castle and locate a Knight by the name of Sir Kay. He will upgrade your quaint little headband to a Seers Headband 3. This upgrade gives your headband another no appearance change, 60 more flax per day from Geoffrey, much faster spinning at the spinning wheel in Seers Village, the ability to Enhance Excalibur, and another illuminating object (These Seersians are really into this illumination, I guess that’s what comes of seeing the future).

Unfortunately I don’t have this headband yet due to complications with a set of magic logs (I’m Fire Magic yet I can’t ignite Magic logs?! What is the world coming to?) so I do not know how much faster you can spin at the wheel with this upgrade.

I’ve heard that the Lady of the Lake will offer to enchant Excalibur if you visit her with the sword and the Seers Headband 3. This Enhanced Excalibur will have global stats like a rune longsword (and retain its Demon bane properties which should be buffed also, however I don’t know that they were) and have a special attack. The special attack buffs Defense as if you had drunk a Super Defense Potion instead of a normal Defense potion, like before. Additionally, when used this special attack will heal 4 HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, healing a total of 20 HP. Might be worth bringing this sword along with you when you’re training with your whip. Who doesn’t like free defense and HP?

The lamp will give you 10,000 experience in – ahh you know the drill.

Now I believe it is time to…


Total tasks: 35
Highest Skill requirement: 80 Cooking (Cook five sharks in Catherby using the Cooking Gauntlets)
Total Quest requirement: 8
Hardest Quest requirement: One Small Favour (Find the highest point in Seer’s Village)
Easiest Task: Pray at the Seers’ Village altar
Hardest Task: Kill one guard on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a longbow
Most Expensive Task: Burn a magic log in Seers’ Village

Getting to the Water Obelisk really isn’t very hard. Either go to a popular world or have level 43 prayer. If you have a high enough Agility level then you can go through the Blue Dragon pipe shortcut (make sure you have full prayer points, are wearing a Dragon Fire shield or anti-dragonfire shield, and have some food before doing this) and run down and around to the black demon area. Put Protect from melee on before entering this room and leave it on until you surface near Catherby shore. Once through the Black demons, run to the left past poison spiders to an area with Zamorak mages, then go up the ladder in the room with Black Dragons. Usually there are people ranging these dragons so you shouldn’t have any trouble, but leave protect from melee on just in case. You’ll need 5 uncharged orbs, 15 Cosmic runes, and 150 water runes or a water staff to enchant the orbs.

Total Rewards: Seers Headband 3, 16,000 experience (split up in 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 increments), Chance of producing more arrows when fletching, 10% more experience when cutting maple trees, one or two extra logs when cutting normal trees near Seers Village, Significant increase in speed while using the Spinning wheel in Seers Village, 120 Flax per day for free from Geoffrey, and the ability to have the Lady of the Lake enhance Excalibur, increasing its special attack.

Let’s see…what else? Oh yea, don’t talk to Geoffrey to get your 30 flax when you first complete the Easy tasks if you plan on doing the Medium and Hard tasks that day too because he won’t give you the 90 more until the next day, even if you’ve completed all the tasks.

Now…what else? Oh yea, go do this chapter! Though writing a comment would be nice