Combat Brawling

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Inside the realm of a pvp world you are asked to fight. So you pot, and begin to fight. KO! Your heart starts racing to see the drop. There on the ground you find: a zamorak statuette, bandos scrimshaw, and a brand new pair of brawling gloves! At 4x the experience gain while wearing these in a hotzone (2x in a non hotzone pvp world area) your mind starts to wonder about how to use them.

Ever been in this situation? Here are a few spots and tricks of using the combat related brawling gloves.

798 spells can be cast with Magic brawlers and there are a couple spells that work really great with them. One is the level 55 high alchemy. The best way to do this is to take full torags (or another armor with high melee defence), a ring of life, a Phoenix necklace, and maybe some high level food just in case. Pick a good item to alchemy and bring 798 of them out along with the gloves. There is a very low chance of being ko’ed with this equipment. 207k experience can be earned this way, and although that might not seem like much, this is usually just used for the lower levels between 55-80.

Casting stun is another great training method with brawlers. Just like alching, bring a pheonix necklace, food, and a ring of life. The tough part is finding someone to stun. Using rune and other armors that have a negative magic attack bonus and search for someone willing to be stunned and it’s game time. This spell can be used from 80-99 and each pair of brawlers will net 287k.

I consider these the hardest to use. The reason is because the best training spots are in pvp worlds. On these worlds no items are kept on death. To make sure there is little risk a dragon scimitar may be used. Abyssal whip, Saradomin Sword, and better armor can be risked to get higher xp/hour but additionally there is the millions to potentially lose. The obvious spots would be to kill lesser or greater demons, ice giants and warriors, earth warriors, and moss giants. These all have no emergency exits short of running though. If summers end has been completed there are ghosts in high level wilderness to kill. If someone appears in the mini-map, use Jennika’s ring to teleport into the spirit realm. The con about this is, if tele-blocked, there is pretty much no way of getting away – try to run if you can. If logging out becomes possible, do it and then go to a safe world to bank. 200k experience in attack, strength or defense can be gained per pair.

This is another tough pair to use without possibly risking millions. The best way to take advantage of the 4x is to have a good beast of burden familiar and go to green dragons. Teleport to the Fist of Guthix cave, run east and north. Watch out for claw rushers as usual and bank when full of hides/bones.

If 96 summoning, another way to use ranged brawlers is to go into deep wilderness into the lava maze on a pvp world. Down the ladder there will be demons and black dragons. Kill the black dragons for hides and bones. Bank using pack yak scrolls. Both of these styles can form piles of cash inside ones bank and be rewarding as long as it can be done without dying alot.

The question of chinning comes to mind when talking about ranged brawlers. This is completely possible on pvp worlds. Monkey skeletons are inside a non hotzone area though so only 2x experience can be gained here. This comes out to be around 600k xp/hour using red chinchompas, so that is not really all that bad. Around 1k shots can be taken before these brawlers turn to dust.

Have a different style of brawlers? Watch out next month to find another set that might just have something to help you use them.

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