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Heyo, it’s Alex! Today, I’ve got something special for y’all!

Celebrating the Runescape 15th Anniversary, the content developers at Jagex gave us a special version of the drop, where we answered questions based on content released throughout the timeline. Starting from 2015, it went back down to 2001, where it asked questions relating to all three variations of Runescape. Runescape Classic (or Runescape 1), Runescape Old School (or Runescape 2), and Runescape 3 (or Runescape 3…wait…).

They were good questions. Got them all on the first try. No guides or help whatsoever. … yeah, I felt old.

Anyways, they’re a professional, fully-funded game company 15 years in the making, and I’m an egotistical player. I know I can do better.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s my own quiz. To finish off the celebration of Runescape’s 15th Birthday, we have the Alex’s Analysis Runescape Anniversary Quiz!

Quiz will be in the same format as the drop, starting from 2015 and working our way back to 2001. Unlike the drop, however, answers are short answer. No multiple choice! You have to use your heads for this one! Mwa ha ha! … or you can use Google. Cheaters…

Send your results to Shane via Rsbandb Forums PM, to whom I will provide a list of … “answers”. “Correct answers”. “All” the “correct” “answers”. The winner will receive a PM from me with a glorified text quote of Shane yelling at me for making my thousands of fans spam him “incorrect” quiz answers.

Let’s begin!

2015: In 2015, we were presented with a real treat from the graphics team; the Player Owned House Aquarium. By fishing, you can haul in decorations, inside and out, as well as golden eggs to add your own fish. How many types of fish can you add to an Aquarium?

2014: In 2014, the Empty Lord made his return, bringing the most hyped God ever into Gielinor. Along with him gave the knowledge of the greatest threat Gielinor had coming, the return of the Elder Gods. Can you name all five Elder Gods?

2013: In 2013, Old School Runescape made a return from the 2007 archives, and Runescape 3’s release was officially announced. Although the interface was changed and made customizable, the gameplay itself didn’t get as dramatic a change as Runescape Classic to Runescape OS was. Instead, a certain in-game event made the release more official, setting the stage for what Runescape was going to become. What was this event?

2012: In 2012, the Gielinor Games were released in tribute to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Players competed against…well, themselves mostly, in several fun little events that rewarded the usual EXP, emotes, and outfits. During the events, several voiced announcers game you “encouragement”, casually conversed, or told bad puns. How many of them were there, and can you name them all?

2011: In 2011, the Ritual of the Mahjarrat was released. This was a very hype quest upon release, because it meant that at long last, we took on the most dangerous Mahjarrat Runescape had to offer at the time. After stealing both the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas, we could do nothing but sit and wait for some very long, tense months for him to make his move. Y’all remember his name?

2010: In 2010, Jagex won the Golden Joystick Awards for the second year in a row. To celebrate, we all got a neat item; a golden cracker! It was neat, because crackers in Runescape are the most expensive item ever, Still are. And we got one made of solid gold! Rich! Anyways, what can players find inside the golden cracker?

2009: In 2009, an April Fools prank was added in-game for a while where the cabbages at the farm south of Falador all started bouncing around, and could be kicked all throughout Runescape. To award players’ persistence, Brassica Prime itself would appear if the players managed to kick one of the cabbages a considerable distance away to a certain location. Where was this?

2008: In 2008, to help encourage FTP players to invest in membership, an in-game preview of the members-only lands became available as an in-game feature. With the aid of a certain device, players could move around Castle Wars, Lletya, and more. What were these devices called and where could you find them?

2007: In 2007, to combat real world traders and bots, Jagex added the Trade Limit to prevent unbalanced trades. Alongside this, something else was completely taken away, resulting in thousands of players up and leaving the game, as it was a considerably core mechanic of the game. What was removed?

2006: In 2006, Player-Owned Houses were finally released after years of anticipation, along with a new skill to go along with it: Construction. Like Sailing, it was one of those skills that many players actively looked forward to, except it had a different name at the time. What was Construction originally going to be called?

2005: In 2005, Slayer and Farming were released. While Slayer was a more quick and sudden release, players were actually given a few weeks to prepare for Farming when it was released. What could players do to prepare for this new skill?

2004: In 2004, the Runescape 2 Beta was well on the way of becoming released in full. Since it was such a large update, players were actually given the choice of either staying with Runescape Classic or moving over to Runescape 2 by transferring their items in between. How many times were players given the option to switch?

2003: In 2003, May was the release of my favourite weapon in-game: the dwarven multicannon (happy birthday me!). It became, by far, the most expensive thing you could buy from an NPC store. What did it claim this title from at the time?

2002: In 2002, magic got a make-over, where it changed from having Good and Evil spell-lists to having spells that required more than… level 12 magic. In Runescape Classic, magic had a very different mechanic to failure. What happens if you fail a magic spell in Runescape Classic?

2001: In 2001, Runite came out near the year end after Adamantite had a good run of being the best and most expensive armor in-game. Runite was one of the first ideas that Jagex used that directly came from the players, due to the intense popularity the material suggestion had on the old forums. However, when it was first suggested by players, Runite was to have a different color other than cyan. What was its intended color at the time?

I wish you guys the best of luck. You can find most of the answers in the Runescape News, but some of them… well, you may have to ask around a little.

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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