Alex’s Analysis – Coming Full Circle

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Well, it’s happened again. To help build up hype in the most effective way for the new quest, the great minds at Jagex Studios released a pre-quest event to help players relive and re-familiarize themselves with the whole storyline so far. Thank goodness, chatting with those kids was starting to get a bit annoying. I don’t even know what’s going on with their rendition of the story about Drakan’s quest…

They released quite a lot to do with this one. It includes a scavenger hunt, a memorial construction, a new dungeon with new enemies that drop new stuff for the upcoming quest rewards so we can prepare in advance… wow. I hope they left some time to actually make the quest itself.

Let’s talk about them!

In similar fashion to the God Wars II build-up, each day gives you something new to do at the sundial. With each passing day toward the new quest, you have to build a new statue commemorating one of the deceased Myreque members. It’s a great idea and an excellent conceptual addition to the game, but the Myreque… to be honest, I never really got to know any of those characters save for Safalaan, Ivan, and Veliaf. It would’ve been a lot more powerful if we had gotten the chance to get to know the characters a lot more in the previous quest. Though on the other hand, that would’ve been a TON of content, because we’re dealing with 8 different characters. They would’ve had to make a whole different quest series to do that.

Ah well. No better way to get to know a character than decorating their memorial statue, I suppose.

The hunt for the dolls was good fun. With a mere hint regarding unique objects you see around the area, you were put on a scavenger hunt all over the Morytania lands, seeking out a whole slew of haunted plushies and returning them to Lex (SOOO close to a character with my name in Runescape…). With each find, you get a Columbarium key and a cosmetic reward at the end. Yeah. Good key rewards, at least. Fun little bit of voice-acting too, when you squeeze the plushes. Yes, voice-acting. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out if you’ve handed them all in without taking a listen.

Lastly, the new dungeon. Throughout Morytania, enemies all got a new drop called “Congealed Blood”. Yup. You’re actually killing things for their blood now. PG-13, y’all. By the looks of things, it’s either used as a projectile or a source of charge for whatever rewards we’re getting for the new quest. Either way, similar to when Farming was first released, we’re all getting a way to sort of stockpile in preparation for the quest rewards, which may well be something heavily used in the upcoming future. Excited to see what it is. Seems to be a bit of a rare drop, though, so I’m hoping it’ll balance out. Slayer Tower, Barrows, and Araxxi aside, there’s not that much out there that many folks like to fight. The ghouls themselves look awesome, and the tougher ones in the mausoleum are strong, but it not really harder than fighting the elites in God Wars II. Although that’s been promised to change in the near future…

Aside from that, we can get a reminder of the entire quest series from the two kids at Burgh De Rott, ready our blisterwood weapons by killing Vyres and cremating their remains (hopefully that’ll give incentive to crowd the Flamtaer temple again), and re-familiarize ourselves with the lay of the land. Hope y’all have remembered to hang onto your Draken medallions. Those things are awesome at getting around down there.

I’m hoping the new quest will finally put the series to rest and answer a whole bunch of questions that the latest quest brought up. I know I’m not the first who thought it would’ve all ended with Draken’s death. I’m really glad, though, that the final part is coming out considerably quickly compared to… well, some other quest series we’re all familiar with. Those gnomes have been spying on the monkeys for AGES now…


Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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