2022 The Year of Iron Bears

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After eight years of saying I would never create an Ironman account, I have made an Ironman account. What finally got me to make an account you may ask. Was it wanting to do all the early game quests again? Was it wanting to train prayer without buying bones off the grand exchange? Was it wanting to avoid treasure hunter? No, none of those.

It was watching my friend run around Giant Mole splashing every other hit and almost die. He was having the time of his life fighting a giant mole. He had batwing and a Guthix staff and needed to bank after every kill but he was getting the kills.

Doing some early game PVM with the early game gear looked and sounded like so much fun. Some late game tips still work in early game, like walking combust or using the Guthix staff special attack to lower the enemies affinity.

I skipped straight to God Wars Dungeon 2 on my main so doing things like Giant Mole, Dagannoth Kings and King Black Dragon for reapers feels new and it is a challenge. The only reason I have done those bosses on my main is because I am going for final boss. Getting that new challenge from a game that is over 20 years old and one that I have been playing for 10 plus years was not something I expected. 

The goals for the Ironman account is simple; be able to join AOD teams. Will that happen soon? No, it might not be done by the end of the year but there are a couple of paths I can take to get there. 

Path idea 1: Mine and smith my own masterwork, and eventually get it trimmed. From there I farm the Arch-Glacor for two cores to get the t95 duel wields. I would also need to go to Revenants to get a Statius’s Warhammer if I want to use melee at AOD. I would need to get all three codices from Elite dungeon 2 for this also. 

Path idea 2: The next idea would be to camp Croesus until I get cryptbloom and then I can mage base using it. For weapon I would need to get the Inquisitor’s Staff from archeology and wand and orb of cywir from Helwyr. I would also need to get a Greater Concentrated Blast and Chain from Kerapac and Raksha. 

Path idea 3: Vorago, this would get me tectonic armor and hopefully seismic weapons.  This would be one of the longer and harder grinds due to how many people do Vorago. If I go this route I would also need Greater Concentrated Blast and Chain. 

Even though I have these plans I am nowhere close to even starting them so I also have some short term goals, which include getting Invention unlocked as soon as possible and getting 99 Magic and Defense. 

The Smithing part of getting Invention unlocked is a lot harder when you have to mine all the ore yourself. I am already 83 Mining and still only 70 Smithing. Once I get the Smithing done I will work on Crafting which means mining gem rocks. 

The Divination will come from 2 daily caches on days I feel motivated to do those and hoping to get the level for hall of memories before the next double experience weekend (dxp) so I can camp there during dxp. 

The secret to early level ironman (and mains too) is Elite Dungeons trash waves. The money and experience you get from it should eventually get you 99 in magic, defense and HP. The money can be used to buy items from the traveling merchant that will help you later on. Getting every gift of the reaper means a couple less daily reaper tasks and getting the livid farm plant means you never need to do livid farm. 

One tip I was given a little too late is if you are not a PvM’er and making an iron, make sure you turn on skilling boss reaper tasks. This allows you to get Croesus as a task. Croesus does not have a combat level requirement so as long as you are under level 60 combat every reaper will be Croesus. You can just join a public lobby everyday and get free reaper tasks with decent drops too. 

Even though I can not take advantage of that tip I am very excited to continue this ironman journey.

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