Alex’s Analysis – Automation’s All The Rage’n

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Innovationists, we’ve got a second batch of Invention components and perks. The benefits of a very useful skill in day to day activities extended to more skills and more benefits, including potions that revive dead farming patches, and best of all: machines. I’m going to basically cover the update and how I’ve found it so far the first week going into it, with a high enough level to take full advantage of it too.

First up, blueprints.

You don’t need “inspiration” anymore. There’s no more animation or messages during training; you just discover stuff and take out everything in the list as best as you can, striving for perfect to get the most experience out of it. And when I say “most”, I mean that with this update alone, I went from level 116 Invention to 119. Took an hour. To get 7 million experience. That’s a LOT of experience.

There are blueprints for the new components, plus the new machines, plus their updated versions. You’ll be playing that minigame several times to get “perfect” every time, but believe me; it’s worth it.

Second up, machines!

I’ll give you the nutshell. Machines are devices that you power via divine charge. You insert noted items into it, they get processed in the expected way (usually in the name of the machine itself), and then come out the other end after a period of time passes.

Here’s an example. There’s a Disassembly Machine that you insert items into, and it disassembles them. Just like you dragging the items into the light bulb icon below your inventory. Except you don’t have to do it yourself. You can quit the game, play another game for a few days, and it’ll get done on its own.

There are other machines like partial potion makers, plank makers, hide tanners, etc. Machines for things that you had to use full inventories of items for, bit by bit. Saves you a ton of effort and lets you spend that time doing something else.

Are they fast? Not really, no. Disassembling 5000 gold bars takes 5 days. Could probably do it in a few hours myself. … or, I can wait those five days and fight Vindicta instead, saving those precious hours for real fun. Plus, some of us do other things like eat and sleep during most of that time anyways. Not to mention you can still disassemble things on your own, which effectively speeds the process up a bit.

But that’s the idea. They’re not meant to take over the process entirely. They just give you the option to get this thing done that you want to do, but don’t want to bother yourself with doing. That, and the machines run while you sleep. If you sleep. So yeah, it all adds up in the end.

So thumbs up to these machines! 10 out of 10, best game of the year, will play again! Pity they take so many components to build, though. Better make sure you know what you’re doing first and have a plan. Also keep an eye on their power consumption; some of the enhanced versions take a lot of power. You might want to purposely not upgrade a few of them depending on your needs.

Now then, let’s get to the new inventions. There are quite a number of them, but I’m going to go through my top five personal favorites. Otherwise it’ll seem like I’m just copying and rewording stuff off the wiki. Also, I like these things for what they do. If you guys think that it’s meagre, please mind that they’re not supposed to be game-changers, simply convenience aids.

First up, the Flatpack Depacker. These things have 60 charges and will either note or automatically disassemble stuff you make on a Player Owned House workbench. Doesn’t sound super ideal, does it? Well, imagine you’ve got a whole bunch of protean planks in your inventory. These bad boys will let you construct 60 flat-packs in one sit-down, making this a very AFKable task. Especially useful when you’re doing a Daily Challenge.

Second up, the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum. It takes up 120 Powerful Components (can get from dismantling about 800 battlestaffs) to build, but man is it worth it. For those who like to make their own Divine Charges, this thing lets you build and store 100 empty Divine Charges beforehand and charge them directly with energy and memories. What does that mean? That means that making Divine Charges just got a ton easier. No more having to convert memories to energy in between; you just click a spring and drain it completely, then move onto the next. Makes the skill a lot more simpler and AFKable (sensing a theme here?). The rate’s about the same as collecting energy too, so there’s really no reason not to use this. May take a while before it pays itself off, though (cost me 7 million to make, but I took the fast method).

Third, the Gizmo Bag. Pretty self-explanatory; it stores gizmos. What’s the point? The point is that this thing stores all your pre-made gizmos, and not your bank. … you see what I’m saying?

Fourth, the Potion Reservoir. This one confused me for a second, but then I figured it out. You fill it by using a pre-made potion on it (recommend a six-doser, as you cannot refill it – akin to a flask). Then, you toggle it to apply the potion as though drinking it. The potion effects will work as usual, and once they run out, the Reservoir will automatically re-apply the potion. Think “auto-potion”.

What does this mean? Well, if you’re fighting Abyssal Demons, it automatically resets your overload or aggression potions so you can fight pretty well non-stop. Or, when fighting Runite Dragons, it automatically resets your anti-fire. Basically makes it so you never have to watch out for the timer running out until the very last dose. Gets quite nice when you don’t have to think about drinking potions mid-fight anymore.¬†Shame you can only have one going at a time, and it can’t automatically recharge your prayer if it hits 0 if you stock it with prayer potion. Still, next time I fight Araxxor…

Lastly, the Equipment Separator. Expensive to build, but it lets you separate gizmos from equipment without destroying either. That means that you can grab the really good gizmos from old equipment and stick it on higher tier stuff. Mind-changers rejoice!

All in all, a great update. I’ll definitely be using the machines every so often (takes a week to process a full inventory anyways). Especially the Plank-Maker and Disassembler. Hopefully you guys will find something you like. Maybe you’d prefer the High Alchemy machine and all the farming aids (a potion that revives dead herbs can be very useful).

Until next time,

Cheers, cannoneers!

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