Tricks of the Trade: Barbarian Assault Healer

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Hello, and welcome to my way of being a barbarian assault healer! I am a level 5 healer and I love the position. When I first started playing I had no clue how to play that role, but in the end, it’s one of the most important roles, seeing you’re the only one that can heal anyone else. When you play the higher level waves, you will need at least 2 healers, because unless your super healer, as well as having strong level team mates. I think that now that you know what is going to be happening when you play as a healer, I should explain the other parts to being a healer. The healers heal your team mates, while also poisoning the Penance Healers with poisoned Tofu, Meat and Worms. You call to the Defenders what they need to lay and they call to you what type of food to poison. Now before I go on, Alex has written an article on how to be a top notch Defender, not having any Penance Runners get past. You can find it here. Anyway, back to being a healer. The poisoned food deals 4 poison damage to the healer and will go down after time, but I’ll talk about that later on. Other than healing and poisoning, that’s it to a healer. They are important to a team that wants to beat the Penance Queen, so you had better know how to be one, incase you are needed upon.

If you don’t know how to be a healer, you’re going to want to see the tutorial on how to play, it will explain everything you need to know to be a basic healer. Nothing can beat experience so your going to want to read on to learn how I have learned to play the roll of healer. Before we talk about anything else, I totally forgot to tell you about what to wear to Barbarian Assault.

Tricks of the Trade BA Healer Outfit
I tend to wear the best defensive stats I can get.

This is what I tend to wear, but everything can be switched around
When you first get into game, this is what your screen is going to look like.
Tricks of the trade BA Healer Startup window

And this is going to be your target.
Tricks of the Trade BA Healer Penance Healer

You want to have good defence, along with having high Hitpoints, you will be able to stay with your team and heal them, without worrying about your own health until it’s around 60 hp, that’s when you go and heal yourself and refill your vial. Now that I have told you what to wear, lets talk about what you need to do as a healer (besides healing your team mates). As healer, you poison the Penance Healers with poison food.

Tricks of the Trade BA Healer Poisoning

This is what will happen when you poison a healer with the right poison food

The Defender will call what food to use to poison the Healers and that’s it, you use whatever food is called on the healers and that poisons them, it’s that simple. If your defender calls the wrong food or you try to poison a healer after the type of food has switched, you will lose points (well, that depends on how many times you mess up) but the healer won’t gain hp, the healer can walk around and heal other Penance monsters but it can’t heal itself if you use the wrong food. But with the added bonus of collectors using Red eggs from the cannon, you can finish them off fast in case you mess up. The poison will go down, just like normal, so make sure you poison whatever healer you can get to so you can make sure you have poisoned them all.

Now, while healers are an important part of Barbarian Assault, everyone else needs to work together, if you have a bad caller, just leave, you can find someone else to call for you, and then you can finish off all the healers. There is really nothing else I can say about being a healer, it is a basic job that is needed to get to the Queen. As you become a better ranked healer, you will be able to heal more (level 5 healer heals 35 per dose) but the poison food doesn’t do more damage than normally would. I wish you luck in being a healer, there might be a possibility that I do articles on being a Collector and an Attacker, but I would need to do more research into them, seeing I’m only level 1 in both those classes. Anyway, good luck again, and I look forward to writing for you all again on something else I find interesting in Runescape. Tim Out.

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