Top 5 Myths about Old School

posted by on 12th March 2013, at 8:00am | Discuss Article

Well, Old School Runescape. There are a ton of things I could write about relating to that but right now I think this fits well.

There are many things circulating the Runescape Community about Old School Runescape and Evolution of Combat Runescape. Some of these are true, some are not(I’m talking about both sides here). This article is not to bash either side, as both are good games(some of you may be surprised I just said that).

Myth 5: Old School is Bot Infested

Probably one of the most feared things for any game like Runescape is bots and gold farmers. We all know how they can ruin economies and the game atmosphere.

I’m going to be frank, Old School Runescape does have bots. I’ve seen some. This is unavoidable. The thing is, I don’t think Old School will become infested with them like Current Runescape is. This is because of a few reasons:
1) The people who play Old School prefer to earn their skills. They are much less likely to use bots.
2) Bots cannot affect the economy anywhere near as easily in Old School because there is no Grand Exchange. A person must still coordinate the sales of any items.
3) Jagex’s Anti-Bot technology will be added. This has been confirmed. If this technology is as effective as they tout it in Current Runescape, it will be equally or more effective in Old School.
4) There are more good places to train in Old School, meaning bots will be in more varied places. The reason I say there are more good places to train, even though there are more places in Current Runescape, is because in Current Runescape most people train in a select few areas. Whereas in Old School people train in different places because levels are harder to get.

Undoubtedly more bots will eventually come to Old School, but I bet you there will be comparatively less than in Current Runescape.

Myth 4: Old School will Slow and Delay Main Game Updates

While yes, the initial release of the Old School servers did delay World Wakes, it is unlikely that future Old School updates will. Why?
1) Old School servers have a dedicated team for maintenance and updates. This team will be able to handle most Old School updates.
2) Any updates requiring extra resources will either have more staff hired, will just take longer for the team to develop, or will be planned for times where they can afford to temporarily move some people from the main game(Note: Because this will be planned it will not delay the release of updates).

Also, one thing I would like to note regarding the delay; Jagex saw the number of new subscriptions because of the poll and estimated that releasing it before the close of the poll would increase their revenue at least for a month. Why is this? Because even getting 10,000 more subscribers is worth more money than pleasing the current million. Jagex has proven time and again that they would rather get new subscribers than try to maintain their current ones.

Remember, Jagex is in control and ultimately if they think it is in their best interest to delay something for any reason, they will. Whether any of us like it or not.

Myth 3: Old School has Split the Community

Well first off I’d like you to tell me what community you’re referring to.
The Runescape one?
You mean the one that will bite each other’s heads off because this weapon does more damage than that one and you stole my spawn?
Yea, that one.

Runescape’s community has been splintered for years due to a plethora of things, namely a lame self-entitled generation of babies.

It’s not possible for Old School to split the community anymore than it already was. If anything it will unite them. People who don’t like the way Current Runescape is heading will likely play Old School and those who prefer Current Runescape will stay there. Is this split? Perhaps to some degree. But you can’t split what was already splintered.
The reason it was split beforehand is because there were multiple types of gamers playing one type of game. Everyone wanted something different than the next guy. With the option of Old School or Current Runescape players can now choose which one fits their play style. You now have two sub-communities inside the Runescape Community. Instead of one giant group of people constantly fighting about this update or that thing, you have two groups which can more easily agree and talk peacefully about things pertaining to them.

I suppose you COULD say that the community is now split. But I would still argue that Old School did not split it because it was not unified to begin with.

Myth 2: Old School Servers are very Laggy and extremely Slow

This one couldn’t be further from the truth.
Truth is, the Old School Servers have never crashed on me yet and have had about 99% up time since launch.
Old School Runescape also takes only 1/3rd of the resources of the Main Game.
When playing in comparably crowded areas of each game, Old School runs about 75% smoother than Current Runescape. This is due to the higher graphics in Current Runescape requiring more RAM and Processor power than in Old School.
Old School Runescape can rune smoothly on a much slower internet connection. I was downloading a game, streaming music, surfing the web, and playing Old School perfectly. I have fibre but the internet around my town is known for being slow.

Myth 1: People only play Old School for the Nostalgia

This is hands down the most widely stated (and also most inaccurate) statement regarding Old School.
Let’s be honest, nostalgia is all well and nice but it doesn’t pay the bills, nor satisfy gamers. After you’ve made a few levels and walked passed Draynor a few times your nostalgia starts to go away. Those playing purely for nostalgia quit after the first week. Those who genuinely enjoy Old School are still playing.
Most of the people I’ve spoken to in Old School have not even mentioned nostalgia, they say they just like the game.

Think some of these Myths may be true? Comment and we’ll discuss.