Bonus Exp Weekend Returns.. Again..

posted by on 29th August 2016, at 1:39am | Discuss Article

Bonus exp weekend has been announced for the weekend of the 23th of September. Ladies and gentlemen, you know what that means! Here is a tip guide as someone who has maxed out his skills to get the bang for your buck this bonus exp weekend!

I am going to tackle the newest skill first. Invention has not been announced to have a reduced multiplier as the new rule has been x2 experience for all skills. This means that if you are training invention the best method to do is to stock up on weapons, armor or equipment. This could be a big deal for anyone going for level 99 or 120, so expect to see really high amounts of achievements regarding Invention over the weekend. In this case it might be best to work with equipment to save money as siphoning is the wrong idea for bonus exp. I have been doing rod-o-matics for a while, they are cheap and don’t need to have gizmos attached to them. This means major savings for 99s or 120s.

Dungeoneering is always the second choice; the amount of experience to the amount of time is reduced to the point where gaining levels even past 99 goes as fast as the lower level 80s. If this is the route players choose to take, I recommend having all the lowest floors ready to be done as soon as possible. Leave the last two possible floor types undone and the rush floors (or lower level floors) complete and out of the way. This ensures that there is at least time for two runs of the top floors for max exp.

Divination is a good way to rack up the experience as well as cash to use for other skills. Due to Invention being released the cost for the high level energy remains high. If players are not worried about their Divination levels, this would be a good skill to camp out and sell before the weekend hits for all those who will train invention over the weekend. If Divination is the method of choice I would recommend training at the highest level area like normal and use the energy as it will reduce the time training which will save money over time past 99.

Now before I get into the older skills I want to say that it’s a good idea to not use skills that have large amounts of different methods for bonus exp. This can be used any other time than a bonus exp weekend.

As everyone knows that skills that cost money are the ones to train during bonus exp to save money. I would heavily recommend training skills like Herblore, Smithing and Crafting as these will take the most out of your cash stack. For Herblore in particular I would recommend to work on extreme potions because these potions will be the cornerstone to the rest of your game time in Runescape. This is because you can get to level 99 with the extremes making overloads or you can make the combination potions. These extremes and overloads can be used for bossing for the rest of the gaming career in Runescape and the investment is great if you are into bossing.

If you are a lower level of Herblore I would recommend covering the conventional pattern of leveling up live super attack, super defence, super magis etc. This will set anyone up for making the extremes and eventually the overloads in the future.

Skills such as Firemaking, Cooking and Fletching are easy 99s to get with or without a bonus exp weekend. I would recommend not training these unless players are in the hunt for their first few 99s or they just enjoy the skill.

Gathering skills can be tough; training Hunter for example is hard because it’s a fight for spawn points which can lead to a waste of time. However gathering skills such as Mining or Fishing are easy training methods and enjoyable due to the social experience.

All in all if it’s not Dungeoneering, I would avoid team reliant training. Skills like Agility or any money required skill are the ones to focus on. I would recommend that buying supplies as soon as possible will save money. I have already noticed the price of items are already starting to rise.

But after all this is said and done, bonus exp weekends are the closest thing players can get to having an on release Divination experience that everyone shared during that release and that to me is the most enjoyable part of a bonus exp weekend. Help your clan with the Citadel in the area that needs the 99. Be smart and spend wisely, it will make going for other 99’s in the future easier.