Building Hype for The Land Out of Time

posted by on 1st July 2019, at 5:41pm

Hello everybody!

First and foremost before we begin, some of you may know that our website and community is based out of Canada. I would like to wish a Happy Canada Day to all Canadians who are a part of our wonderful community.

This past month saw a focus on hype for the upcoming launch of The Land Out of Time, otherwise known as Fossil Island. Our first article this month from yours truly looked at why (from a branding perspective) The Land Out of Time is not called Fossil Island. As time progresses we may see another reason for this but we will need to wait until launch to verify our theories.

Aside from hype building for The Land Out of Time the Weapon Diversity beta landed. Since the Evolution of Combat in 2012 there has been very few differences between a longsword and a scimitar and a mace. With the Weapon Diversity project, this will change should the project go forward as outlined. In A Review of the Weapon Diversity Beta David touched on why this update is important, what it does for mid level players, and the potential downsides it could have on PvM.

RuneScape is an MMO that we play on our computers (and soon phones). One thing that RuneScape has in common with tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons is the need for an immersive world. If you don’t have an immersive world the game won’t be fun to play and in Dungeons and Dragons, the boundaries can truly be tested. This month Cireon wrote about Worldbuilding and how to go about it for Dungeons and Dragons but also what we can learn in relation to RuneScape.

RuneScape has an impressive lineage going back even to RuneScape Classic. One of those items that has stayed with the game evolving and continually finding a use is a cannon. You may not know it but Alex and his clan used to run huge cannon crashing parties in Falador. We like to let our writers stretch their legs and Alex did just that. He signs off often saying, Cheers for Cannoneers but that’s the title of this month’s article! You know what it’s about.

Summer of course would not be complete without the Steam Summer Sale. Tanis engaged in his yearly tradition covering some of the more interesting deals of the Steam Summer Sale in Summer’s Sizzling Deals.

This month our two Skill of the Month competitions were Divination and Runecrafting. Congratulations to Pkmage00222 and Arrkain for winning these two competitions respectively. Here are your trophies:

June 2019 Divination Trophy June 2019 Runecrafting Trophy

This month we’ll be running an Agility and Hunter Skill of the Month to celebrate the launch of The Land Out of Time. We’ll announce competition run dates once we know when The Land Out of Time is launching. Stay tuned!

You may have also noticed one keyword in this roundup: hype. This month for our monthly bit we’ll be covering the hype and anticipation that’s created with livestreams and news posts. You can find that on our Patreon page this Friday as well as the entire back catalog of monthly bits for as little as $1/month.

Also don’t think I’ve forgotten about those of you to my south. I’d also like to wish our American neighbours a Happy Independence Day on this Thursday, July 4th!

See you next month.

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