Stepping Into 2019 and Recapping 2018

posted by on 2nd January 2019, at 4:17am

2019 is here!

2018 was certainly an adventure for all of those playing RuneScape. This month for in a bit of a treat we have a collection of articles from 2018 that highlight what we covered in 2018 and where RuneScape went. But first, let’s have a look at December.

David got us going early on in the month with a quick chat about full manual and spell book swap. Full manual combat is something of a mystery at times but with spell book swap a player can take their combat to another level. December also saw the launch of the highly acclaimed expansion of Alchemical Onyx jewellery which Tanis covered. Grace of the Elves, Ingenuity of Humans, and Passage of the Abyss made for an Alchemical Christmas changing RuneScape yet again. David was also back for round 2 with a personal story of teaching someone the ropes of PvM. He taught RSBANDBUpdate! producer and guest host, Tyco Elf, how to kill Solak. Also included are some general tips for teaching friends to PvM. 2018 was showcased of course by RuneFest and at RuneFest we saw and heard a collection of RuneScape’s newest music tracks. This and the general improvement of in-game music has caused Cireon to exclaim, 2018: the year to turn your game music on. Included are audio soundbites so turn your speakers on for this one! As with any December we have a RuneScape Christmas event or in the case of this year, a holiday quest. This year saw the release of Violet is Blue, a charming winter quest which Alex Analyzes in Alex’s Analysis – Violet and Non-Violent. Continuing with the Christmas theme I wrote about how even in our own little community, Christmas traditions have formed. These traditions warm the hearts of all involved and are something we hope for every year when Christmas comes to RSBANDB. Finally in our final article for 2018, Cireon talks about designing a game for everyone and the challenges this provides to Jagex.

As I mentioned we also wanted to highlight some of our articles from 2018. Everyone was asked to chose their own favourite article and one favourite from another writer. Here we go:

December also saw Sorensen57 win our Construction Skill of the Month with 11.5 million experience gained. Here’s your trophy:

December 2018 SKOTM Trophy

Construction is expensive, congratulations to everyone who trained.

We’ll see you this month and in 2019 with more articles including the first big update of the year, the Mining and Smithing rework!

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