What Constitutes March?

posted by on 1st April 2010, at 8:34pm

This past month Jagex brought us a good variety of updates. The first of these was the new activity entitled Shattered Heart. Along with this update came the Runescape Lobby. The Runescape population was also shocked when Jagex renamed the Hitpoints skill to Constitution. This month also brought Jagex’s first Bonus XP Weekend, we also have some economic tips regarding BXPW. There are also a few tips to be found here on how to recover after PvP losses. It’s always good to be refreshed, take a read through this article and see if you can gain a new perspective on Runescape.

You can also check out our Music articles for a unique perspective on all things music, this month two concerts are profiled.

This month Riceay won the Summoning Skill of The Month with roughly 5.4 million experience gained. The graphs for March are certainly one of the most interesting I have seen. Anyways, here’s your trophy:

Riceay SKOTM Trophy


The Killer has also received the competition winner rank for winning the Tirannwn Hide and Seek event.

We are also looking for two new gaming writers. In order to be successful with this position you must be punctual, enjoy writing, and enjoy gaming. We want you to write a 500-1000 word article about your favourite game. Please be sure to include its redeeming qualities, what’s fun about it, and why people should buy the game. Please include a list of the game consoles that you own, including, but not limited to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DSi, PSP, iPhone/iTouch, etc… Among other information please include what types of games you play, how many games you buy per year, real life name, forum name, location (country/timezone), age, windows live messenger address, and past writing experience.

Please email applications to shane@rsbandb.com with the subject: Informer Gaming Application. Applications close at 12am RSBandB Time/UTC-6 on April 15, 2010.

Thanks and see you next month!

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