Ending The Short Month

posted by on 1st March 2010, at 5:56pm

We were welcomed into February with the Rune Mechanics quest that Jason covered for us. Tim covered both the Impetuous Impulses update and Familiarisation in one article. Kirby also hypothesised about what Runescape would be like with aging and weather. With January’s Barbarian Assault update Tim expanded his Tricks of the Trade series with the “Barbarian Assault Attacker and Collector” edition. While all this was going on Jason was planning just how he’d use a Varrock teleport and Slayer ring to traverse Runescape easier with some Teleport Tips. The rest of our Runescape articles were dominated by PvP and the Economy.

This month Paul and I covered how to help others remotely and took a look at what the iPad is in terms of present technology. Ryan took some valuable time to point out the vast Plague of Problems with Modern Warfare 2. Of course you can find Kenny’s continuing Music articles here.

This past month Southrend claimed his 6th Skill of The Month win. He gained 5.5 million Crafting experience. Overall, 17,359,385 experiened was gained by all competitors. Congratulations Southrend! Here is your trophy:

Feb SKOTM Trophy

Other competition winners for February include Jason (Games Tournament) and Asovse1 (Hide and Seek). With this being said we’d like you to invite you to come to our weekly Boss/PvP Runescape and PC Gaming events.

Our survey is still running and we’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to complete it! It will help us guide which direction Informer will head in the coming months. You can find the survey here.

See you next month.

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