The February Double XP Aftermath

posted by on 2nd March 2017, at 3:08pm

Hello everyone and welcome to another Informer roundup! This month we saw double xp weekend, not only in the gains it brought but also the updates it brought to RuneScape

This month saw three RuneScape related features and two non-RuneScape related features. Starting off with RuneScape we have Tanis outlining Game Jam and its differences between Game Blast. Tanis also took a few sentences to remind us about accessibility even without Game Blast going on! February also saw the release of Skill Cape perks into game and Alex views them as Perky Quirks. Alex gives his analysis on this update that makes having level 99 in a skill a little more perky. Finally, very late in the month Mr. Bistro wrote about the ever expanding Library of Jagex. This library includes all of the games that Jagex has developed and how they’re increasingly focused on the RuneScape brand.

Our non-RuneScape features covered The Health Benefits of Alcohol from Colton. Alcohol on its own isn’t always bad, it just needs to be consumed correctly and in moderation. Finally, yours truly wrote about the ever increasing effect that social bubbles have on our interaction online. The effect they can have on bias and intellectual growth can be downright disastrous.

The February Fishing Skill of The Month which coincidentally took place over a double XP weekend did not disappoint. For the entirety of the month it looked as though Touchpad Pro was about to claim victory but we had an 11th hour surprise! On the final day of the competition Jamandy52 took first place and won by just over 1 million experience! Congratulations Jamandy!

February 2017 SKOTM Trophy

The final experience totals were Jamandy52 with 50,025,866 experience, Ataronchronon (Touchpad Pro) with 49,010,629 experience and Undoer with 42,383,880 experience. Good job all.

On that note the RSBANDB community gained 296,849,483 experience on double xp weekend. Gaining 22 Invention levels followed by 21 Crafting levels, and then 19 Summoning levels. You can find full data from the double xp weekend here.

And with that being said we’ll see you on April 1st!

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