The October RuneFest Whirlwind

posted by on 2nd November 2018, at 1:12am

October was a whirlwind month for RSBANDB, we kicked it off with RuneFest and ended it with some of our greatest articles yet. RuneFest had ramifications for those who went and those who stayed home but more on that in a moment. First though, the articles of the month deserve some attention.

Starting off the month we had David come in with an article about Vorago, that big rock guy. Vorago was released in 2013 and still continues to be one of the best combat encounters to this day, learn why in Vorago – The Peak of RuneScape Combat?.

October saw the release of RuneScape’s Halloween themed holiday event, ’Til Death Do Us Part. The event ran through the entire month with new phases each week. Alex talks about how events such as ’Til Death Do Us Part leave the old story telling quest style events in the past and can sometimes become a drag.

Remember the console wars? Not the Xbox One versus PlayStation 4, but the console wars of the 1990s? In a break from RuneScape, Tanis talked about the console wars of the 1990s and the resurgence of retro-gaming. Some of these games still require a CRT TV to be playable with certain accessories.

Along with any RuneFest comes the inevitable combat council talk. This time lots of questions were asked about 4TAA (4 tick auto attacking) and as a surprise to everyone… macros. David had a look at the RuneFest 2018 Combat Talk and asked, is this modernizing PvM? Specifically, should basic macros be allowed for PvM combat?

RuneFest, RuneFest, RuneFest… Lore talks, combat talks, reveals, all staples of RuneFest. This year though we had two of your Informer writers at RuneFest, Cireon and yours truly. We had a great time both at the event and in our activities in and around London. The ever present theme of RuneFest thinking back on it was that of One RuneScape Community. We can only ever hope that we can get back to that stage in-game and online but it exists at RuneFest, read on to see many examples of that happening. People also ask what it’s like to meet people you’ve previously only met online. Cireon has an answer to that in From “RS with friends” to “friends with RS”. It’s a tale of friendship coming full circle with RuneScape in the middle and so many people agree that this is exactly how it goes.

This year Clan Quest had another huge contingent of people at RuneFest. It was a weekend stuffed full of fun and friendship. I invite everyone to read the November issue of the Clan Quest magazine, Questaholic. There’s even interviews with Earth and Tanis.

The October Agility Skill of the Month rocketed on with a huge amount of experience being gained. Our winner Sorensen57 gained 71,009,235 experience. In second place we had Magebit with 28.5 million experience gained and in third, Pyrnassius with 10 million experience. Sorensen, here’s your trophy:

To coincide with November’s Achievement Bonanza we’ll be running our very first competition not based on experience! Once this update drops we’ll be running a 14 day long RSBANDB “achievement bonanza” to see who can gain the most RuneScore in 14 days. Watch Twitter @rsbandb for a notification of when this is getting underway.

With that being said, we’ll see you next month! Also, don’t forget you can join us in-game at friends’ chat: BitsBytes. You can also join our Discord by going to

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