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posted by on 1st July 2018, at 11:37pm

This past month on Informer we had a full docket of RuneScape themed articles with some intruding dinosaurs. The debate over third party tools in RuneScape probably goes back to the Jurassic age and it continues today. In The Ongoing Crusade Against Third Party Tools I talk about whether or not third party tools should be clamped down upon. Next up Alex Analyzes the Hall of Memories, a new Divination training method. The Hall of Memories provides the ability to train Divination for a decent xp per hour rate while sacrificing profit. Where does it fit in? Alex has that answer. David continues his exploration of combat with you, the reader, talking about accuracy, affinity and what is truly known as Aurascape. This explains partially why combat is so powerful at tier 90+. Lastly this month Jagex released the Temple of Aminishi. The Temple of Aminishi gives a further use to the Arc and is RuneScape’s first Elite Dungeon. Elite Dungeons are effectively raids from World of Warcraft, except limited down to 3 people. In Reinventing Raids, Cireon talks about how the first raid, Liberation of Mazcab, was troubled since day one and how the Temple of Aminishi will attempt to fix this. Our non-RuneScape article goes back to the Jurassic age with Jurassic World Evolution. Tanis wrote about how to re-live that love of dinosaurs from your childhood and what this simulation can bring forward for you.

This past month in our Crafting we saw a runaway by Sorensen57 who gained 8,940,392 experience! Well done, here’s your trophy:

June 2018 SKOTM Trophy

Moving into July, RSBANDBUpdate! will publish its first Monthly Byte to Patreon subscribers. But that’s probably not what you’re most excited about… Also this month we will start recording a video version of the podcast with our shining faces!

See you soon.

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