An April of Tradition and Renew

posted by on 4th May 2018, at 2:28pm

We had a jam packed April and May isn’t going to be any quieter. You’ll see why!

We began the month with Easter and its surrounding traditions or so some of us would like Easter to remain traditional in RuneScape. Colton wrote about tradition in RuneScape and why Jagex should stay traditional for holiday updates in Eggs, Scrambled (Holidays Lost). Later on in the month Tanis covered the opposite side of the argument with the logic that RuneScape is 17 years old and it deserves its own traditions in Trading Traditions. April saw a major update to the Firemaking skill alleviating a small piece of daily scape and making line Firemaking feasible. Alex analyzed this unique update in his own unique way in Making Fire; The Origin Story. The RuneScape updates of 2018 so far have delivered on their promises and have been well received by the community. There’s a great opportunity for Jagex on the horizon and I highlighted a new potential community building strategy in 5 Steps to Harmony with Jagex. Finally, we had a guest article from Cireon covering the modern day space race being largely executed by private industry in Space Race 2.0 – It’s On!.

This article will be Cireon’s last guest article for us, pretty sad right? Nope, not at all. Cireon has joined Informer as a full fledged staff member! Cireon is the current head of Clan Council at Clan Quest, a producer of RSBANDBUpdate!, and frequent guest host on the podcast. Cireon hopes to cover the game mechanics side of RuneScape with the possibility of delving into technically deep areas such as graphics. Look for his first article appearing later this month!

Also joining the team this month is David, a pro PvMer. He’s currently focusing on Telos and Hardmode Vorago aiming to buy a Christmas Cracker with GP. He’s used 4 tick auto attacking and agrees that it was probably too powerful. David will be helping us cover the release of Solak this month and anything combat or PvM related going forward. Welcome to the team both of you!

Our April Fletching Skill of the Month wrapped up with Sorensen57 gaining 36,848,046 experience! That is truly an astonishing amount of experience for one month. Here is your trophy:

April 2018 SkotM Trophy

Also in Skill of the Month news, going forward Skill of the Month will be open to the public. This means that you will no longer need a forum account to sign up. Sign up starts one week before the end of the month and you can find the signup form here.

See you next month!

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