The Fool-less Month

posted by on 2nd April 2018, at 2:56am

Hello Everyone!

Today’s April Fools and Easter! There was no fooling around this past month on RuneScape or RSBANDBInformer! We began the month with Alex Analyzing what it took for him to receive the coveted reward of many on RuneScape, the Max Cape. Max never used to be in most players vocabulary, so what made Alex max? Find out in What it Took to Reach the Top. March also saw the release of Pieces of Hate, the finale for the 5th age pirate quest line. The quest takes the players on an adventure to confront Rabid Jack while battling puns and demon kittys. Read Colton’s analysis here and listen to our RSBANDBUpdate! episode entitled Waterboarding Wilson for an auditory experience with Colton and Earth guesting. March also saw the release of Jagex’s first skilling diversity project, Deep Sea Fishing. Deep Sea Fishing has a variety of new methods of Fishing training for those above level 68 Fishing. This update went off remarkably well and it’s safe to say that Jagex Caught a Whopper.

In our March Summoning Skill of the Month it’s safe to say that many had depleted coffers after February’s bonus xp weekend. We saw very little movement until the end of the month. For most of the month Jamandy52 lead, then Pyrnassius gained the lead, and finally Sorensen57 rocketed to a win gaining 4,577,770 experience total! Here’s your pixel trophy:

In second place we had Pyrnassius with 2 million experience gained and in third we had Jamandy52 with 171,829 experience gained.

We’ll see you next month!

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