Remembrance, AAA Games, Squats, and Neutrality

posted by on 2nd December 2017, at 12:02am

Hello Everyone!

December is now upon us and the advent calendars have appeared with only 25 days until Christmas. December will surely bring in the holiday season and we’re going to help you with that. Looking ahead I know that we have a couple year in review style features planned but… we should look at November first.

We started off November remembering those fallen, both in the real world and in RuneScape. Alex composed a poem commemorating those lost in the God War: One and the Same. For the rest of the month we departed from RuneScape. November also features Black Friday and Tanis wrote about the fall’s AAA game line up and what may be worth picking up on sale. Colton wrote about one of his hobbies, powerlifting! In the start of this series he covers the bench, squat, and deadlift. Our final article from yours truly talks about net neutrality, why net neutrality is needed and why we need to go further.

Our Thieving Skill of the Month saw what was thought to be an early win by Jamandy52 but later The RRMan took the lead and then Flash took the lead. Jamandy52 came back in the end to win in the final 4 days with a final experience of 20,601,716 earned.

Here’s your trophy:

November 2017 SKOTM Trophy

Flash came in second with 17.7 million experience gained and The RRMan came in third with 14.4 million experience gained.

A note on Skill of the Month before we begin a new year of competitions. We are considering a couple of changes to the competitions and would be interested in hearing your thoughts:

  1. Allow voting on every other skill. In the event of a tie, the skill would be randomly chosen.
  2. Make combat skills more rare. One combat skill every 3 months at most. Right now we could have a string of 3 combat skills in a row.

We’ll see you at the end of December!

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