Inventor September

posted by on 2nd October 2017, at 12:38am

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of King Kulla writes the Informer Roundup! With me this week is an impressive all star cast of Informer writers, as well as one of our site owners, dear leader Shane!

Let’s get started. Tanis has a great article about the Double XP Weekend, after all, “It’s a Runescape Tradition“! Alex talks about invention and all the automation that can happen now with “Alex’s Analysis – Automation’s All The Rage’n“. Meanwhile, Colton takes a different tack altogether discussing the dank origin of Runescape Memes in “NPC Profiles: Gnome Child“. And with a new iPhone release, you know Shane’s going to be all over that in his article entitled “10 Years of iPhone“.

In other RsBandB related news, the September Summoning SKotM concluded with Pyrnassius deftly taking advantage of Double XP weekend, and gaining a total of 55M xp. Jamandy52 arrived in 2nd with 20.4M xp and Flash achieved 3rd with 12.5M xp. Congratulations Pyrnassius, here is your trophy!

Well, that’s all for me this month, have a good October everyone!

King Kulla

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