April: Gemstones, Achievements, and TV!

posted by on 2nd May 2017, at 12:53am

Hello Everyone!

It’s time to have a look back at the month that was April. We are well on our way to fully understanding and experiencing Jagex’s wishes for 2017. At the start of the month we saw the release of the Gemstone Dragons. Mr. Bistro delivered an excellent rundown on these Gemstone dragons including details on both their mechanics and why players were wrong about the drops.

April also saw the release of the revamped achievements system in game. Achievements and the path one takes is critical to accomplishing goals such as completionist status or attaining the master quest point cape. Tanis explains why this rework has unfortunately left many players scratching their heads.

Finally, Alex talked about Jagex’s new community seasonal event, the Spring Fayre. The Spring Fayre was released to much community discussion and Alex touches on some of this. He also touches on why the Spring Fayre isn’t exactly fair, and it’s not why you are thinking.

For our non-RuneScape piece of content I decided to have a look at the current state of TV. It’s no secret that it’s easy to get by without cable and there are a number of factors causing this. Though there are still downsides to not having a cable connection or access to local stations. I run through the problem and provide some thoughts on how the problems could be solved.

April SKOTM Trophy

Our April Hunter Skill of The Month saw the least number of competitors ever. With only 4 competing Jamandy52 took victory with 20,148,293 million experience gained. Andthatsbad took second place with 5.8 million experience and Flash finished in third with 121 thousand experience. We’ll be watching our Cooking Skill of The Month much more intently┬áto see who comes out on top.

With that being said, we’ll see you next month!

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