Fulfilling February’s Functions

posted by on 4th February 2017, at 1:43am

Hello everyone! Hopefully your January was just as quiet and peaceful as RsBandB’s was! This past month we have a few articles to tell you about. Mr Bistro got us started off with A New Player Surprise, a look at what Jagex can do to help bring more new players to the venerable game of Runescape. Meanwhile, Alex discussed The Next Chapter, in which he theorized about what could happen next for quests and with lore. Tanis finished off the month with Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Gamer Should Make and all the different things that we can do to become better gamers in 2017.

In Skill of the Month news, Jamandy52 took a hefty lead right from the start in this past month’s Slayer SkotM. He finished up with 18.3M xp over his closest competitors of Pyrnassius who had 5.8M xp and Flash who had 4.1M xp. Congrats to all competitors and especially Jamandy52! Here is your trophy:

That’s all from me, be good for Shane when he visits you next month!

King Kulla

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