Running Wild Through August

posted by on 2nd September 2016, at 5:45pm

With summer closing out in the real world that can only mean one thing, a bonus XP weekend is right around the corner! This month I figured I’d cover our Informer roundup in reverse chronological order. Our last article of August was courtesy of Mr. Bistro and he reminded us all of some handy tips for Bonus XP Weekend. July saw the release of skilling pets into game. Tanis talks in his piece titled Animal House¬†about why Skilling Pets are important and why most players will choose to chase one or all of them down. Give it a read! Returning to a classic series here at Informer, Colton wrote part III of his Mahjarrat Lore series, A History Through the Third Age. Anyone who loves questing will find this piece interesting to the 10th degree. This month also saw the release of the much anticipated Wilderness Task Set and much needed Wilderness improvements. Alex discusses danger, the lust of task sets, and how it brought him back to the Wilderness in Running Wild.

In our non-RuneScape article this month I wrote about 1 year of Windows 10 and the success it has enjoyed. Windows 10 just received its anniversary update at the start of the month. If you want to hear more about why you should upgrade to Windows 10 and how successful it’s first year has been, read 1 Year of Windows 10!

In our Mining Skill of the Month Flash took victory with 22,826,057 experience gained. Congratulations!

August 2016 SKOTM Trophy

Tim claimed second place with 13.1 million experience gained while MandiiGurl took third with 7.4 million experience.

And with that being said, we’ll see you next month!

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