Arc’ing Through July

posted by on 2nd August 2016, at 5:12pm

Friends, I have returned after a hiatus of Informer-roundup goodness. I hope that everyone has been having a fun filled summer both in real life and in RuneScape. This month we have a myriad of articles ranging from the health of RuneScape’s examine info to exploration in The Arc! This month Colton started us off with a fabulous discussion of examine info in RuneScape and how it has changed over the years. He highlights what examine info was once used for, its highlights, and what its function should be going forward. Next up Mr. Bistro wrote about the acquisition of Jagex Ltd. by the Chinese Hongda mining corporation. He focused on what¬†players can expect going forward and why we should not yet worry. Finally Alex is Going to Need an Arc Welder¬†to discuss The Arc. The Arc is RuneScape’s newest headlining update and Alex explains why it should be viewed as a fresh slate with more opportunities to come.

In other articles this month Tanis continued his foray into other areas of gaming than RuneScape. Tanis is a huge fan of the Doom series and takes us back to 1993 with a look at where the series began and its path to where it is today. This culminated in a game called Doom 2016 which Tanis has given us a mini review of in DOOMed Since 1993!

In July’s Divination Skill of The Month, Flash flashed past the competition gaining 20,340,779 experience taking first place! Congratulations!

July 2016 SKOTM Trophy

Pyrnassius took second place with 7.2 million experience and Tim came in third with 7 million experience. Good job all around.

RSBANDBUpdate! begins August with a new co-host. Cireon from Clan Quest will be co-hosting with myself for the months of August and September. With Cireon’s addition to RSBANDBUpdate! 2016 we will continue to expand our horizons with unique and fresh perspectives on the week’s RuneScape news. This is and always will be our primary objective. You can give Cireon’s inaugural episode, Wobble Wobble Wobble a listen at

We’ll see you at the start of September!

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