The June of Rune is Over too Soon

posted by on 1st July 2016, at 7:30pm

Hi guys and gals! Happy Canada Day to you all, and as for our American friends to the south, happy almost Independence Day to y’all!

I hope everyone had another good month, as we roll on into summer we have some great Informer articles to share with everyone!

Tanis started out the month with Falador Remembers, a look back on the infamous Falador massacre of 10 years, and how Jagex has chosen to commemorate the event. Did they make the right decision? Find out by reading more about it!

Shane was next, staying on a steady course writing about Apple’s Steady Course, a look at Apple’s direction and his top 5 best announcements from Apple this past month, including a Siri API, Swift Playgrounds, iMessage Apps and more. To find out more about Shane in his natural form, check out his article!

In the middle of the month, Alex got an exciting opportunity to talk about the new app he’s developing for Steam VIVE VR, and wrote about the future for Virtual Reality and where the tech can go from here. If you’re interested, check out his fascinating story in Alex’s Analysis – Making it Easy.

Soon after that, Colton wrote a review of the last quest released, the much anticipated and hyped Gower quest written by the Gower brothers. Colton describes it as “refreshing, lively, spirited, evocative, and just downright fun.” If you want to hear more about what the Gowers created, check out The Quest to End All Quests.

Lastly, Mr Bistro was able to squeeze in an excellent article right at the end of the month due to the very latest Runescape boss, Telos, released on June 27th into the wilds of Gielenor. In his article Telos: Is It Really That Good? Mr Bistro gives an overview of what to do when encountering Telos, and his opinion on the update.

In our latest Skill of the Month, the oh so crafty Pyrnassius pulled away from the rest of the pack early on to win the Crafting skill of the month with 5.7M xp! Here is your specially crafted trophy!

Honorable mentions to andthatsbad and PoisonNova for taking 2nd and 3rd with 2.6M and 2M xp respectively. Commendable effort!

Alright well I think that’s everything for this month, see you soon everyone!

King Kulla

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