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posted by on 2nd June 2016, at 2:27am

Hello again everybody! It’s everybody’s favourite time of the month, that’s right, Informer Roundup time! Where else would we go to look back on all the amazing achievements, auspicious accolades, and awesome articles of the past month? Well, I suppose elsewhere on the RSBandB site, but ain’t nobody got time for that, that’s why I’m here!

Aaaaaaaanyways, let’s get started on our busy Informer writers. Mr Bistro started us off this month with a look at Jagex’s planned updates, and where they are heading with them, preaching caution in Missteps Through May.

Our other Runescape article this month arrived courtesy of Alex, who mused over possible changes to the newest skill Invention in the aptly named Inventing Another Tree. On the whole, it seems great, but who can really know for sure in an Alex article? Go check it out for yourself!

Since Runescape’s big updates were last month… *cough* NXT *cough*…some of our writers decided to discuss other things. Good for them! I for one enjoy varied reading, so first up was Tanis with a preview of a new space adventure game called No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. The idea of procedural generation (environments created by algorithm rather than randomly) is a neat one, and I for one want to check out the game when it lands!

Colton also brought us another Non-Runescape article, and this one talks about his life growing up with weight issues, and how he was able to better himself and conquer his problems. Check out what his method was and Why Most Diets Fail.

Lastly, everyone’s favourite Site Owner named Shane, (who happens to be Shane) wrote an article in his natural environment of technology, this time discussing the benefits of the programming language called Swift. Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about programming!

In our latest Skill of the Month, Sorensen57 proved to be the ultimate enemy of forests, amassing an astounding 23M Woodcutting xp! Congratulations on your win! In 2nd place was The RRman with 10.9M xp, and in 3rd was Pyrnassius with 8.3M xp.

I’d also take a moment to remind everyone to vote for the Prestige System in the RuneScape 2017 Survey. It’s an idea drafted by Shane and a number of community members that has made it onto this years survey! If you want to hear more about it you can watch this video.

Well I think that does it! Have a good June everyone!

King Kulla

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