Guest Article: Why I Am #NeverHillary

posted by on 1st May 2016, at 4:34pm

This guest article comes to us courtesy of Trekkie.

When one shall leave, another shall take its place. The United States have been under the command and direction of President Obama for the past 8 years. Now, in this new age we find ourselves between 4 presidential nominees: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton. While each candidate fight each other for the honor of becoming America’s next president; social media and news outlets would paint a few as being monsters and others as being the savior of the new world. I wanted to talk about a personal favorite of mine, former first-lady Hillary Clinton. Social media would call her an evil lady, but she has qualities that I will never forget. As we look back 20 years ago with the Clinton Administration, a lot has changed in all those years. Now as she tries to make one final attempt at returning to the oval office, the next few months shall determine the rest of her political career. But, while she will always be one of my favorite people, she is not my President for 2016.

I was born in the 80s and my first memories of the presidency were of the Clintons. I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my family eating dinner and watching the evening news. There I would see former president William J. Clinton, and Hillary D. Clinton talking about the current issues in the world. While I was too young to know what was going on, I remember how much everybody around adored her and Bill. Everywhere I went, were people talking about how great Bill and how much they adore Hillary. For 8 years of my childhood, she was the first, first-lady that I remember and Clinton’s administration impacted everybody here. When they came into office in 1993 more than 20 years ago (yes it has been that long) everybody that lived through it were impacted by the changes that they created. Even after her job as first-lady, she continued to be in the political spotlight.

After being first-lady for 8 years, she continued to be in the political scene. After her term as first-lady concluded, she became the senator of New York for another 8 years. In 2009, she decided to try her luck and run as President but lost to now President Obama but became the Secretary of State from 2009-2013. While many investigations surrounding her and the Obama administration, she did what she thought was right, until in 2013 when she decided to step down. When she did, it was what many considered a time for her to rest and plan for what is happening now, a bid for the presidency. However, I cannot see her as being my presidential choice, and I cannot vote for her to become my next President.

She has had a long distinguished career in politics, but a lot has changed in the past 20 years, and she is no longer my choice for President. 20 years has passed since she was first introduced as first-lady, but also it has made us wiser and more knowledgeable about the world. 20 years ago, many of us reading this were children worrying about if we finished our homework for school tomorrow, and for some of you reading you may not have even been born yet to know who she was. But, 20 years later my generation is starting to enter the workforce. We now have our own issues that we now have to worry about.

She is not the person I want to lead the U.S. My concerns are no longer the same as hers. I am now more concerned about the issues of economics, healthcare and homeownership, but she wants to address those in another direction. The baby boomer generation are starting to retire, which means our healthcare and social security will begin to strain with the increase demand. We are just starting to get out of a terrible recession, and depending on what happens with China a new recession may be starting to gain strength as it crosses the ocean. Yet, my generation is expected to fix these issue just as simple as figuring out how to change the clock on the VCR. She has been someone who I will remember for many years to come, but her time has come to a close.

20 years have passed since she was first-lady of the White House, but she is not my choice to lead the U.S. Could Hillary become the next President of the U.S? Yes she can, and this could be her swan song before finally leaving public life. My values and concerns are not the same as Hillary’s agenda for what she hopes to accomplish if she becomes president. No longer, are my generation the naive children 20 years ago; we are a generation that will define ourselves by what we will accomplish in the next 50 years. Hillary, is a relic of a passed era and should have an honorable retirement. With no ill wishes, or misgivings she should retreat from public life, and be a grandmother to her grandchild and leave as I would like to remember her in my childhood. The social media will be painting her as a horrible President, yet 6 years ago people were relishing the great times of the Clinton Administration. 4 years ago, they were clamoring for a President Hillary Clinton. 2 years ago, said nobody could beat her if she were to run for president. And yet, within 1 year social media will proclaim that Bernie Sanders will be what makes America great again for his years of wisdom. Yet, 8 years ago we did not want John McCain as President because he was too old. Every politician keeps saying, they want to make America great again. I don’t want to make America great again. Again, implies we want to roll back the clocks to what they see as a golden era. I want to make America better, stronger, and defined by my generation. The generation who are expected to fix the errors of the past and define ourselves with what we shall create in a new millennium. I want a President who will lead us into the future, not try to bring back what they feel as the golden age. To keep moving forward and be a beacon of positivity in the world. As former president Bill Clinton once said, Asia and Europe may become greater and more powerful than the U.S. but, the U.S. is and should continue to be a positive force in the world.

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