The Invention Convention (of articles)

posted by on 1st February 2016, at 4:45pm

In the event you’ve been hiding under a rock, Invention was released in RuneScape last week. We’ve had an impressive amount of coverage of Invention here at Informer and around RSBandB. Let’s get started with that!

Invention is RuneScape’s first elite skill. This means that you need a number of other existing skills at high level in order to begin training Invention. Invention requires 80 Divination, Smithing, and Crafting. Invention begins by disassembling items which leads to finding inspiration which in turn allows you to create prototypes from blueprints. After this it’s as simple as manufacturing Inventions that you have discovered. These could be gizmo shells (used in creating perks) or augmentors (used to augment equipment, which in turn allows it to level up). The best way of currently training Invention is to level gear and then disassemble it.

Now that you know what Invention is, let’s have a look at our coverage:

  • Tanis gave his first impressions of Invention. This article covers how to get started, positive aspects of the skill, and some notes that should be taken to heart prior to training the skill.
  • Mr Bistro gave a run down of the skill itself, how perks fit into Invention, and why Invention is unique and just may have Reinvented RuneScape.
  • Both Tanis and Mr Bistro joined Colton and myself on RSBANDBUpdate! 551 – Ahead of the Curve. We covered the skill at length, the best ways of training, the previous best way of training, and why the XP curve was likely changed.
  • Finally, if you’re more into rich media on release day we published a quick getting started video. This video covers the tutorial, how to get started, and a rough outline on how to train.

Our other articles in January covered a variety of topics. Alex began with a timely piece on 15 years of RuneScape. In which he analyzes what sets RuneScape apart and what keeps players like himself playing after 15 years. He’s been around since the beginning, which surely comes with its own unique perspective. Looking forward to the rest of the year Colton gave us a rundown of what we can expect from the impressive slate of quests in 2016. He details each quest and says why it’s important from a lore perspective and gives a rating out of 10 in regards to how excited he is for each quest. Finally, I tackled the topic of social censorship and how companies that once championed an open internet are setting dangerous precedents. This covers Google, Facebook, and Twitter, each with their own unique perspectives on the world and how that hurts openness on the internet.

January’s Skill of the Month competition saw Pyrnassius claim victory. Before that though Jake55111 gained 6.6m experience and Sorensen57 gained 2.6m experience to take second and third place respectively. Pyrnassius gained more than double Jake’s experience at 13,535,741 Ranged experience. Excellent job! Here’s your trophy:

January 2016 SKOTM Trophy

If you have a desire to join our writing team, we are looking for at least one new individual to write about RuneScape! Please apply, here’s how:

  • Write a 750 word minimum article about Jagex’s 15 Years of RuneScape (avoid news post re-hashes) or tell the readers about your favourite non-combat feature currently in game.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for: pictures and other rich media, pizzazz, and a willingness to go against conventional player, community, or Jagex wisdom.
  • Send the article to Myself or King Kulla on the forums
  • Include your Runescape name, country, timezone, and the easiest way to contact you!

See you at the end of February!

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