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Hello everyone! Here we are ready for another month end recap of the events of RsBandB!

Colton started off by entertaining us with a little bit of Marvin Gaye, as well as some Mahjarrat Lore. Alex talked about the trials, tribulations, but mostly good times of Playing With Friends. After the Halloween event, Mason went over the Top 5 Holiday Events. This was Mason’s final article with Informer, and we wish him well in his future travels! Continuing on with Runescape, Mr Bistro posited whether Premier Membership was still worth it. Tanis talked about the new endeavor of Jagex, Chronicle: Runescape Legends! Finally, our Dear Leader Shane dazzled us all with his inspired piece simply titled The Internet of Things and the Future.

In the latest Skill of the Month, Pyrnassius successfully defended his lead of 10.2M Defence XP against all comers. Congratulations, here is your trophy:

November 2015 SKOTM Trphy

Also if you have a desire to join our writing team, we are looking for a new Gaming Writer! Please apply, here’s how:

  • Write a 750 word minimum article about your most recent game played/purchased, and what you like about it.
  • Send it either to Shane or Myself on the forums
  • Include your Runescape name (if you play), country, timezone, and the easiest way to contact you!

Well, that’s everything from me this month, have a great December everyone!

King Kulla


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