Some More Summer

posted by on 1st August 2015, at 1:57am

Hello again everyone, King Kulla here to deliver upon you all the latest and greatest news that have happened in the Rsbandb world this past month. I hope this fine day finds you all well, and hopefully your summers are going well!

Let’s start off with Informer, where we had lots of great articles published by the team. Colton kicked off the month with his take on Heroes’ Welcome and The Over-Ambitious Nature of Today’s Quest Developer. Next, Duke Juker went over a bunch of Games That Should Be Movies! Mr Bistro’s entry this month was simply titled Raids, whereas Alex feels that the world is Running out of Room! Mason gave us his Top 5 Elite Skill Ideas, and Tanis showed us how¬†Jagex Shows Its Conservative Side! Finally, Shane really really wants all of us to get Windows 10, so he showed us 10 Reasons for Windows 10. Hopefully you all check out these great articles!

In Skill of the Month news, we see that Tim has magicked his way through the Magic competition, amassing 8.3M XP! The closest competitors were Flash with 4M XP and Metalmaniac9 with 2.2M XP. Congratulations Tim, here is your trophy:

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of August, and I’ll see you all soon!

King Kulla

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