The Apocalypse Averted

posted by on 1st July 2015, at 11:55pm

Happy Canada Day everyone!

While it may not be July 1st when you are reading this I would like extend a very warm Canada day greeting to all Canadian readers of Informer. Now let’s see what our dear writers have been up to this June!

To kick off our free topic month I provided a run down of The Best of Trek (Part 2). This covered episodes from The Original Series, Voyager, and Enterprise; give it a read if you’re wanting to learn more about what makes Star Trek great. Continuing the Sci-Fi / Fantasy trend was Colton, he wrote about two of his favourites, “Game of Thrones” and “A Song of Ice and Fire”. While RuneScape may seem like a niche game, Colton explains how the genre of fantasy can expand out to the wider culture. In our final non-RuneScape themed article Duke Juker talks about his experiences being a Food Worker. If you’ve never worked in the industry or are curious for another perspective give this a read.

While some of our writers chose a break from RuneScape the others did not. I can’t blame them though, all of Gielinor has been at battle with Tuska for the month of June. It was only last Friday that we realized that we would ultimately be victorious. Alex tackled this subject first with an article titled Apocalypse Now in which he gives a rundown of what the event entails and ultimately what it could entail. Next, still on the topic of the World Event, Lord Rickles discussed Apocalyptic Conspiracies. Specifically the idea of how much influence Jagex actually had in this world event, including the idea of Tuska-proof fallout shelters. Lastly on the topic of the World Event, Mr Bistro provides us with what the world event should provide in substance. That’s not to say that the lore behind these world events is lacking in any way. Finally, seeing as June saw the first RuneLabs release into the game Tanis thought it would be an excellent time to revisit RuneLabs. Suffice to say, RuneLabs has delivered a decent update but there is still room for improvement.

June’s Fletching Skill of the Month provided to be entertaining to say the least! We saw Tim dethroned after winning 5 competitions in a row. Flash managed to secure victory with 20,448,879 experience gained. Congratulations Flash!!!

June 2015 SKOTM Trophy

We’ll be sure to check in next month to see if Flash has managed to win July’s Magic competition. In the mean time you can sign up for our Cooking Skill of the Week competition. This competition runs from July 8th until the 15th. It provides a different atmosphere than a full month skilling competition and is also being run with our close friends at Clan Quest.

In the meantime I hope everyone is enjoying summer on RuneScape and all of the special perks available (Enlightenment resets on Tuesdays). In closing, I would also like to with a very happy Independence Day to our American friends who celebrate their nations birthday in just three short days on July 4th.

See you next month!

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