Shane’s Goodbye

posted by on 1st April 2015, at 6:59am

As my last will and testament, I asked for this to be published:

It is with profound sadness that I must announce that I am no longer involved with RSBANDB. The moderation team has taken the decision to ban me for wanting to take RSBANDB in an unsavoury direction. For his support I must also regretfully inform everyone that Mike has been placed on probation for an undisclosed amount of time to see whether or not he will be rendered obsolete in the new order. When we first started this website a commitment was made to offering the moderators a say into how new moderators and administrators are chosen. The moderator team has chosen to do the same in selecting who the new owners of RSBANDB will be. Prior to receiving the invitation to write a closing post I was informed that Earth, his roommate Andrew, and King Kulla will be taking over the coveted site owner position. I hope to any all knowing deity that they know what they are doing… In order to fill in the Global Moderator gap I have been informed that Bryan, Magicking, and Tim have been added as Global Moderators. Earth and Magicking will be the new podcast hosts.

The New RSBANDB Order

  • Earth, King Kulla, and Artofdvorak – Site Owner
  • Bryan, Magicking, and Tim – Global Moderator
  • Mike – Probation
  • Shane – BANNED

Before this unfortunate series of events took place I have also curated the past month of Informer articles. The last decent month at RSBANDB began with an article from Mr Bistro discussing what changes the game world would incur if something truly drastic happened, like Tuska engaging in an unstoppable rampage. March also saw the return of the combat beta which Tanis covered and expressed his hopes for a successful beta. With the release of the 200th quest Alex told us what really matters in his quest experience: The Fear Factor. March also saw the shuttering of editing on the official Jagex Wiki, Lord Rickles wishes for Rest for the Wiki’d. In other departures this month Jason has published his last Informer article entitled An Inviting Idea for Invention.

While Duke Juker likes playing games he also likes to chat about what makes games good or bad. This month he gave a thorough review to both Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. If either of these two games sound interesting read the review to further measure your interest. March also saw the release of updated MacBook Pro’s and the unveiling of a new MacBook. These two pieces of hardware contain an exciting innovation, the Force Touch trackpad. This trackpad utilizes haptic technology and I discuss just why we should all be excited for Haptic Technology!

This month saw Tim’s continued rampage on the Skill of The Month battleground. He literally ran away with the Agility Skill of The Month gaining 11,419,472 experience. This was well ahead of his second place contender, blethorskite who gained 5.7 million experience. Third was taken by Bxpprod with 4.8 million experience.

Congratulations Tim, here is your trophy!


This was a competition truly worthy of a promotion to Global Moderator!

As I mentioned previously Jason is leaving Informer to pursue other interests. Jason has been with us for over 8 years. His articles have covered a variety of topics and have stirred up discussion in our community and the wider RuneScape community. We are grateful for his contribution to both communities. Thank you Jason and good luck in wherever your path in life and writing takes you.

Also on the realm of change, I must also welcome Colton to Informer! Those of you who hang around friends chat or listen to Update will know of him. He is a lorehound and quester so be ready for some interesting discussions on RuneScape lore. That is the topic of his very first article, lore. In Runescape Lore: Have We ‘Jumped the Shark?’ he discusses the path of the current story trajectory in game and potential problems that can arise. If you see him around friends chat be sure to extend a friendly welcome to him.

And with that being said, see you some… time.

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