A Very Full Short Month

posted by on 2nd March 2015, at 8:00am

February is typically known as the “short month” but we have a large amount of items to discuss in a short period of time. Jason got us started this month with a discussion of the inferred financial situation of Jagex as a corporation. He also went into why he feels a more thorough explanation should be given as to the membership price increase in an article entitled Fatal Financials. Also on the RuneScape plane Mr. Bistro brought us our first video article. He discusses why the wilderness is A Dead Wilderness and why any attempt to revive it is good. Let us know what you think of this type of article. Continuing with the Wilderness and one of the February updates, Mr Rickles, talks about the new WildyWyrms are great bait. February also brought us GameBlast 15 and Double XP Weekend. Tanis feels a special connection to the charity involved with GameBlast, SpecialEffect. Tanis took specific effort to highlight some of the case studies that SpecialEffect offers on their website, the stories are truly heartwarming and remind us all why SpecialEffect is very important. While we have only had RuneLabs for the better part of two months I thought it was important to bring to light Why RuneLabs Must Be Successful. I posited that RuneLabs is important for the future of RuneScape in the same way that the groundbreaking Free-to-Play model was important in the early 2000s. Finally, Alex talked about the 199th quest, Dishonour Among Thieves, in Heist is Nice. It’s a typical Alex quest review that sums up the quest in what matters most, beware, spoilers ahead.

In our lone non-RuneScape article this month, Duke Juker talked about game franchises. The article starts off talking about popular games such as Halo and Call of Duty and then asks, when will the next one of these big game franchises be born?

With this month having a Double XP Weekend it certainly provided interesting results for our Crafting Skill of The Month. Once again, Tim took victory after a very close 3-way race for first. Tim finished with 46,335,932 experience. Rounding out the top 3 were blethorskite with 35.7m experience and Jamandy52 with 31.8m.

Congratulations Tim!

February 2015 SKOTM Trophy

Also in February our Community Ambassador team saw impressive development. Through the leadership of Earth and the rest of the team they have successfully expanded their reach to Old School RuneScape. February was the perfect month for such a thing to happen with Old School being opened to free players. With the Community Ambassador team being successful in their efforts both in game with events and out of game we thought this would be the perfect time to create the Old School RuneScape Discussion forum.

Before you March off I suggest you check out our YouTube channel. There you can find Paul’s ongoing Returning to RuneScape series encompassing tips for those who have just come back to the game or for those who may not be taking advantage of all RuneScape 3 has to offer. You can also find our first full length quest play though there as well, but as warned, spoilers ahead.

Take care and have a fun month with quest 200.

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