Welcome to 2015

posted by on 1st January 2015, at 6:58pm

We offered our writers a chance to take a month off of covering RuneScape with the chance of writing on any topic they desired. This lead to some very interesting articles that showcase a different side of our writers.

Not everyone took this chance though, Alex was very insistent on publishing his RuneScape Christmas Story which he used as a contest entry in 2013. Tanis also drew up a Letter to Santa Claus in which he outlined his wishes for 2015 in RuneScape, they are all very novel and we could all stand to benefit from them. Next we headed away from the realm of RuneScape… Mr Bistro talks about sandbox games and why he enjoys them so much. Duke Juker talked about something that many find dull, history, but he has declared it as his passion. Meanwhile, Jason talked about MMORPG.com’s MMO face-off featuring RuneScape in Who’s the Best? Venturing back to the realm of Jagex-land Lord Rickles postulates on what the demise of Jagex’s Transformers game means for the company in 2015. Finally, I had the chance to write the article I had been waiting years to write, The Best Episode of Trek – Part 1. It is a great adventure from start to finish with many great experiences to get you into the Star Trek franchise.

It’s not all a fantasy generated by our writers though, December saw our first Constitution Skill of The Month. Flash held a lead throughout the first half of the month but in a surprise lead change Metalmaniac9 picked up first place. Metalmaniac9 continued on creating a close competition for first place. In the end he prevailed with 2,747,227 experience gained. Flash took second place with 2,282,364. Third place was awarded to Tyler with 1.8 million experience gained.

Congratulations MetalManiac, here’s your trophy!

With 2014 coming to a close we also like to see how everyone fared throughout the entire year. Blethorskite wins this years Skiller of The Year title after gaining a whopping 98,059,276 experience!!! Flash came in second with 72,696,737 and Pyrnassius came in third with 37,573,292.

With that being said congratulations to all competitors of 2014 and all the best in the 2015 Skill of The Month competitions! Get going, it’s time to start earning experience once more.

Finally with another year coming to a close we would like to say Thank You, to everyone. Thank You to everyone who has been a part of this great community in some way or another from those who listen to the podcast and post on the forums with great ideas to those who chat with us in our chat channel in game. It is the interactions that I and many other staff members witness that make this all worthwhile. 2015 is shaping up to be an impressive year and we will continue to provide what you enjoy whether it’s here on Informer, on Update, or elsewhere.

Thank you, we hope you have a safe and happy new year and that your 2015 will be filled with success, joy, and happiness!

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