No Nonsense November

posted by on 1st December 2014, at 2:39pm

Hello everyone! I’m back again to show you all the cool things that we got up to last month at RSBandB!

To start us off this month, Duke took a trip to Retrotown in his article “Out with the New, In with the Old” where he extolls the virtues of older games, something we should all remember! In Runescape related areas, Alex just couldn’t wait to say that “Prifddinas is Awesome!” Mr Bistro detailed what the “New God Wars Dungeon” might look like, whereas Mason discussed what problems were causing the “Runescape’s Divine Energy Crisis”. To round out the month for Runescape, Tanis detailed his “Top Five Updates of 2014”. To bridge the gap to other games, Jason had a long look at the “Awesomely Inefficient: Dual Wielding in Games” . Finally, Shane sparked great debate with his Digg-centric article entitled “The Great Social News Experiment”

This past month’s Fishing Skill of the Month competition saw a fierce battle between Pyrnassius and Flash, both of whom raced down the stretch neck and neck into the last week. In the end, Pyrnassius took the gold, with 5.61M experience, edging Flash who ended at 5.47M experience. Congratulations to Pyrnassius, here is your trophy!

November 2014 SKOTM Trophy

Thank you everyone for following along with me, hope you all had a great month, and hopefully you have a good December as well!

King Kulla

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