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posted by on 2nd October 2014, at 3:42pm

October has arrived and the seasons are sure changing quickly (here at least). This month our writers have produced an excellent selection of articles, the best you’ll find online pertaining to RuneScape. Tanis opened up the month with a quick guide on Making the Most Out of Your Clan Experience and his experiences at Fealty Stars. Next up Jason returned to an old favourite, Sinkholes! He gives a quick rundown on Sinkholes and how useful they can be. Mr Bistro then brought up a very important issue that players will no doubt encounter at one point or another: Burnout. He gives some advice on how to avoid it and how to ultimately recover from it. This month we saw the release of the Rune Goldberg machine in an effort to make runes more valuable. Alex talks about how in years past runes were actually something that were to be valued by players. Finally, Lord Rickles asked somewhat of an (Over)loaded Question (hah-hah-hah…) pertaining to Overload potions. It’s certainly an interesting idea but how would players react?

This month we have two non-RuneScape related pieces that make the reader think. First up is Duke Juker with The Difference between Gamer and “Gamer”. He highlights what exact negative connotations have been built up over time all while referring to both good gamers and bad gamers by the same term! Our other non-RuneScape article focused on the Apple Watch from yours truly. I focused on a myriad of factors from how it’s already being shunned (before release), how it will ultimately be successful, and why it’s an important milestone in the future of our technological advancement.

In September’s Skill of the Month Ataronchronon (Touchpad Pro) pulled an impressive come from behind finish. He gained just over 20 million Fletching experience. Second place was awarded to Flash who gained roughly 10 million experience. And an honourable mention goes out to Blethorskite in third with 1.5 million experience gained.

Congratulations, here is your trophy!

September 2014 SKOTM Trophy

Our group of Ambassadors have been executing a string of successful events. We’ve been to Trouble Brewing, Stealing Creation, and most recently Castle Wars. They’ve been oh so fun and I highly encourage everyone to come if you are not occupied. These events will most certainly continue and planning for October is underway. Right now though, they want to know what you, the community, would be interested in having for events. You can head over to the forums and post your thoughts in this topic. Want a certain type of event? A certain day or time? Want to involve another fan site or community? Post and let the Ambassadors know!

That’s all for this month!

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