Summer Begins – Be Kind

posted by on 1st July 2014, at 6:24pm

Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite some time but I am back with another roundup for your desires. Lots has changed since I last spoke to you all in this form so let’s begin!

We began this month with a spotlight on Jagex’s Ninja Team┬áby Lord Rickles. The Ninja Team is the group that implements small quality of life fixes into the game. Read on if you haven’t already, in order to learn just how important they are. This month we’ve also gone Back to the Future. Back to the Future in such a way that past mistakes are seemingly being repeated. Tanis explains what exactly is wrong with the Legacy Mode beta program. We ended our discussion of all things RuneScape related this month with Jason talking about the beta program and how often the Third Time’s the charm. Whether you voted yes or no in the Legacy Mode poll please do realize two things from these articles this month. The first thing is that the beings who create RuneScape are human; feel free to criticize their work but do it in a way that is kind and constructive. Nonconstructive feedback by actors in the community when the Evolution of Combat and RuneScape 3 came out severely depreciated the value of the product that we could have received if the feedback given was sincere. Secondly, we all play the same game and we’re all a part of the same community. On this note, it doesn’t make sense to outright vilify one side or the other in order to make your point known. We are all reading this because we have some connection to the RuneScape community, a community that transcends the game itself, the RuneScape community is a true gem.

In other articles this month Duke Juker gave us a gaming review of World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a free-to-play game that does have its own quirks, the game is not for everyone. Read on to find out both of the strong points and weaknesses of the game. In our June technology piece I outlined the grand tie-in that Apple is aiming to create with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. If you are a Mac user or own an iOS device this is something that you should take a definite interest in.

Just yesterday I had the pleasure of writing a welcome message to Scream Truth’s inbox. He’s going to be joining us on the team as another writer of all things related to RuneScape. His first article will be published later this month and as a preview it is related to the level-120 skill target that many people have set. All of us at Informer look forward to the great pieces of work that he will create in the future.

The June Skill of the Month was another astounding one to say the least. Blethorskite took his second Skill of The Month win in a row. He absolutely clobbered the competition by gaining 50,991,461 experience. Pyrnassius led the honourable fight for second earning 6.5 million experience. Congratulations Blethorskite, here’s your trophy!

June 2014 SKOTM Trophy

The question is, will Blethorskite continue on and make it three in a row with July’s Divination Skill of the Month?

With that being said it has been a joy to write one of these roundups again and someone will talk to you in a months time. Maybe me, who knows.

Happy Canada Day!

PS: We should also wish the Americans an early Happy Independence Day, just a few short days from now.

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