May the Fourth be With You!

posted by on 5th May 2014, at 5:49am

Hello Everyone! It looks like I’m a touch late with our usual roundup, but hey, it let me use an overused pun as the title. So I’m pretty sure it was worth it. Anyhow! Let’s get to what we’re all here for, great articles by our awesome Informer! team.

Mason kicked off the month with an in depth critique of Jagex’s partnership with Supersonic Ads. Next, Shane enlightened us with a great insight on Facebook’s Hack programming language. Next, Alex, analyzed Mod MMG and the way he says things. Jason wrote about how statistics can be used to convey many different things from different viewpoints. Finally, Tanis went over the “Spring event” and why it has nothing to do with Spring.

This past week, the Ranged Skill of the month concluded, with Bxpprod winning with 18.3M xp gained. Metalmaniac9 came in second with 12.9M xp gained. Pyrnassius rounded out the top 3 with 10.1M xp gained. Congratulations to all competitors and to Bxpprod for taking the win! Here is your trophy:

Finally this month we’re opening Informer applications. If you want to join our writing staff you can head on over to this forum topic for more information. In a nutshell we’re looking for at least one person to write about RuneScape (more the merrier though). Applications will be open throughout the month of May. We look forward to seeing what you are writing about.

Until next time, May you all have a good month!

King Kulla

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