Reviewing Metric Time

posted by on 1st April 2014, at 6:11pm

It’s April 1st, April Fools’ Day and we have a very boring Informer roundup for you.

With it being the first day of the month it’s time to spend some time looking back at March. March started off with Lord Rickles discussing the solution that Revolution provided to many of the problems with the current combat system. Continuing with the same trend of combat with the proposition that 2014 is the beginning of a Golden Age in Combat? Is this mix of old and new what the community wants? On a more psychological level Jason looked at the various types of gamers and discussed why he is a casual gamer. Meanwhile, Duke talked about three ways aside from fun that players get involved with their video games. Alex then wrapped up the month with his analysis, Divination Diaries, in which he explains why he liked the Mahjarrat Memories mini quest so much (I agree with him).

Last night also wrapped up the March Prayer Skill of The Month competition. Davo executed a beautiful come from behind finish to finish first. What’s impressive is that it was largely accomplished in the last two days of the competition.

Here’s your trophy:

March 2014 SKOTM Trophy

Davo finished with 4,403,093 experience gained. Flash came in a close second with 4,224,385 experience gained. This just goes to show that competitions can change in the last week. Surprise me again in 30 days!

As I mentioned previously this was a pretty boring day around RSBandB. There have been other great examples of April Fools pranks on the web. One of my favourites is WestJet’s conversion to metric time. For those that don’t remember, RSBandB converted to metric time in 2009. If you want to join WestJet simply add a ‘+’ to your date format in your forum preferences.

See you next month everyone!

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