A Mad March into March

posted by on 2nd March 2014, at 11:12pm

Hello everyone! It’s King Kulla here again to borrow a few minutes of your time.

That’s right, the seldom seen backup leader of everyone’s favourite pseudo-band, Earth and the Informers, has returned! It’s my pleasure to introduce all of the wonderful articles that our diligent writers have compiled for you this past month.

Alex kicked off the month by Kicking it Old School, in which he discusses his balancing act of new and old Runescape. Next, Duke was Being a Good Sport and gave us a great article on sportsmanship in gaming. After that, Jason gave us The Good, The Bad and The Honestly when it comes to Jagex’s new proposed system of “Legacy Combat”. Following with the combat theme, Mason pondered over the idea of Making Runescape Pure Again and how that would affect the game. Our newest writer Tanis discussed how visual impairment has affected his game experience and how many updates from Jagex have brought him Back into the Game. And last, but definitely not least, Shane asked us What Future Technology Are We Excited For?

In Skill of the Month news, the results are in on who hates the environment the most! Mageguy08 took the top honours in February’s Woodcutting Skill of the Month, with an astounding 11.9M xp gained, just edging out Flash, who came in second with 11.5M xp. Rounding out the top 3 was FishFish with 6.6M xp gained.

Congratulations Mageguy08! Here is your trophy:

Until next time, RSBandB’ers! Have a safe month.

King Kulla

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