And 2014 Begins

posted by on 3rd January 2014, at 4:31pm

Hello everyone! The new year is upon us! Before we talk about what happened on a macro level in 2013, it would be prudent to talk about the previous month, December.

We started off December with a free-topic article on the state of Old School RS by Mason. Lord Rickles discussed how the original goal of Old School RS has changed over the past year. With one of the biggest and most important updates of the year being the release of RuneScape 3, Jason talked about what RuneScape 3 Should Have Been. Our final RuneScape article of 2013 was a month-by-month rundown of RuneScape updates for 2013 written by Alex. We also had two other articles this month. The first of which was a gaming review of the game Payday 2 by Duke Juker. The other was a very, very, very exciting article by Shane called A Discussion on Programming Languages: C.

With the year being over, I decided to ask our writers two questions. The first, what is your favourite article you wrote this year? Second, what is your favourite article written by an Informer colleague? I was hoping that we’d have a consensus of what the most favourite article was, but this was not the case. As such, this I’m going to list the favourite articles of 2013:


Duke Juker


Lord Rickles



Our final task for 2013 is to account for the Dungeoneering Skill of The Month. The month started off with a bang and continued in such a fashion. Jamandy52 lead the competition for the entire month and completed the competition with a ground breaking 37,831,118 experience gained. Second place was snatched up by klatten with 10.3 million experience gained and third by addiv with 4.1 million experience.


December 2013 SKOTM Trophy

Also since it is the end of the year we round up the total experience gained in all Skill of The Month competitions through 2013, otherwise known as SKOTY. This year Jamandy52 maintained a strong presence, he finished up the year with an astonishing 104,029,805 experience gained. Great job. We look forward to watching the competitions for 2014 starting off with Attack.

With 2013 behind us it’s time to look ahead to 2014 and what RuneScape will bring us. Keep on reading our articles!

Happy New Year!

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