Supah Septambah

posted by on 2nd October 2013, at 12:15am

Hello everyone!

This month Earth and King Kulla are hibernating so I’ve come to you with this roundup.

We started off September with what amounts to a public service announcement to turn on the music while playing RuneScape 3. Zant told us just why we should all do this when we play, I’ve done it. Next, Alex talked about Supah Septembah and the challenges posed in the first 14 days. Super September is over but it’s still worth reading for a good laugh. Jason talked about restricted skilling, skilling that can only take place in certain areas. In our monthly article that talks about other games Duke Juker talked about historical accuracy in games. He is a history major and went all out in discussing Rome: Total War. I talked about the new RuneScape website in my ongoing series: The 3 in RuneScape 3. The new website is an improvement over the old version and brings some nice changes for users. Finally, Lord Rickles tackled the subject of Bonds. In an articled titled MMG’s Atomic Bond Bomb to Gold Sellers he tells us why Bonds are indeed a good thing for the health of the game.

With the release of Divination in August we followed RSBandB tradition and held our first Divination Skill of The Month the month after it was released. We saw an impressive race in the beginning and the tail end of the month. Five front runners emerged with it later becoming a battle for first. In the last 10 days Flash overtook the competition and claimed first. Flash gained grand total of 11,702,957 Divination experience. Well done!

Here is your trophy:

That’s all for this month!

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