July Jewels

posted by on 1st August 2013, at 11:10pm

Hey there dear Informer patriots! I’m back again to tell you what sorts of great articles our great Informer crew have put out in the past month, and boy are there ever some good ones!

Mason got the month started with a great article about lodestones, including their great accessibility and usability. Alex reviewed the latest quest, giving his opinion of the successes and shortcomings. meanwhile, Zant gave us some very useful tips for Dungeoneering. In gaming, Jasonmrc wrote about the 10 biggest mistakes game developers can (and do) make, while Duke Juker gave us some starter tips for getting into Team Fortress 2! To cap the month off, Shane gave us a cautionary tale about how our choices define who we are and how we need to think before we act.

In July we also had something called a Dungeoneering Skill of the Month! This past month’s contest was won by Zahara night, who gained an astounding 30.3 Million Xp, just pulling ahead of Jamandy52 who had 25.6 Million Xp.

Congratulations to Zahara night and all of our other competitors!

Have a safe August everyone, enjoy the rest of your summer!

King Kulla

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